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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From Patrick Tvarkunas, of Eagle, to “legal technojargon.”

MISS: From Tvarkunas to “democracy.” This follows a judge invalidating a petition drive for a referendum on the 660-acre Haymeadow residential development proposal in Eagle.

HIT: To a crane sighting in Vail. The Grand Renewal did much to help the world’s best ski town weather the devastating Great Recession. Crane City was very well timed as town leaders and developers worked through the means of revitalizing fading parts of the villages, in part through the tax-increment-financing tools that some governments view dimly. But the work isn’t completed. Starting to tear down the old, old Lionshead Inn signals a step forward in the recovery of our local economy.

HIT: To Gypsum rolling back part of its sales tax after paying off its recreation center’s construction debt early. The town shrewdly welcomed Costco when neighboring Eagle turned up its nose, and pretty much the same with the airport. Taking those opportunities back allowed the town to get the rec center built and then paid off in half the time expected. Then, instead of asking to keep the money just because, the leaders of Gypsum dropped the tax. That’s pretty good government. They didn’t waste time taking advantage of revenue opportunities. They built a great amenity for the constituents. They didn’t screw around with thinking up schemes to keep taxing at the higher level once they paid off the debt … early.

MISS: To beer in Utah. A column last week by Richard Carnes reminded us of why the Beehive State banning beer at an Oktobefest in Snowbird really is no big deal. They’re doing participants a favor. Draft beer in Utah is horrible stuff, basically. If the good fathers of the state wish to persuade people not to drink, they would be all for serving that swill.

HIT/MISS: To hard bicycle rides like the 120-mile grind from Evergreen to Avon one hot day in July, and then turning around and going back to Evergreen the next. Where do people come up with stuff like this? More amazingly, other people — lots of them — pay hard-earned money to put themselves through this agony.

HIT: To the volunteer effort and space above the Dusty Boot in Eagle being turned into a teen meeting place, called The Loft, like a similar hangout in Edwards, The Basement.

MISS: To the end of a long run for a Vail standard, the Ore House. Lots of memories, stories, a celebrity sighting or two … Their lease recently was not renewed in favor of the landlord wanting to go another direction. It happens. It’s possible the restaurant may return at another location, but the operators say it has to be a right location to make it work.

MISS: To whatever is causing fatal rollovers this week in the valley.

HIT: To the life-saving actions of emergency and medical people to keep the toll down, at least.

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