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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From a reader to “the staff at City Market in Avon. Always so friendly, funny and helpful. Specifically Erik, proclaimed super cashier.”

MISS: From a reader to “whoever dreamed up or oversaw the Nottingham park-lake project. Drain it, fix it, fill it, stock it … repeat. This isn’t a shampoo process. It should have been done once.”

HIT: From a reader to “Mikaela Shiffrin’s ice bucket challenge raising some serious dollars for ALS.”

HIT: From Sharon Cole to “the Edwards Farmers Market for accepting local food coupons and making healthy, locally grown food more accessible to all in the valley.”

MISS: From a reader to the Avon Post Office, which “can’t seem to find the time or (initiative) to empty the trash-recycle bins, sweep the floors or remove the rubbish from the counters with any frequency. What an embarrassment for our community and a reflection of our government’s offices! No wonder we email!” (Editor’s note: Technically, the Postal Service is not a direct government service supported by tax funds but rather a self-funded, semi-independent agency with looser ties to the government.)

HIT: To a summer filled with afternoon and evening rainstorms. That’s just the way the season is supposed to be, dampening the chances of devastating wildfire.

HIT: To the Vail Town Council taking a deep breath and financially helping rebuild part of the Timber Ridge apartment complex. Definitely not the ideal option when the developers’ financing couldn’t cover the project. But better than the alternative of letting the place continue basically to rot. The timing looks pretty good, too, with an economy continuing to mend. This will work out for the town in the long run.

HIT: To Taylor Cave, brother James and young friends who raise money for charitable causes through Taylor’s lemonade stand in Vail.

MISS: To the driver of the dump truck that crashed into Interstate 70, or rather the underside of the I-70 bridge over U.S. Highway 6 at Dotsero, with the bed of the truck in the up position. He also was driving without a seatbelt and seriously injured himself, according to the State Patrol.

HIT: To the Battle Mountain cross-country teams looking very competitive in state rankings, with the boys tied for seventh and girls at fifth in the preseason. The author is a parent of two Eagle Valley students who ran for Battle Mountain back when Eagle Valley didn’t have a team yet, and can’t help rooting for both teams today.

HIT: To the even shorter leaf season to come in September. And then, and then, the season that attracted so many to begin with …

MISS: To the whole Guinness World Record thing, other than as a sly and enduring marketing move. Nice that the new record holder for bowling between your legs is a local, and fun to write the story. But really …

HIT: To the real estate market perking up. The ripple effect through the valley’s economy is substantial and much preferred to the opposite not many years ago and from which still is very much recovering.

MISS: To the kind of sloppy work that leads to gas leaks. Vail had a couple in a week, and then some painters apparently knocked a gas meter tree with their lift. This is dangerous stuff.

HIT: To another great summer in our valley, now culminating with the Labor Day weekend. This season really goes by fast. Really fast.

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