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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To Election Day finally arriving — and passing! For the candidates, there’s the thrill of victory and promise for the future. And, of course, the agony from coming up short. Mostly, though, we have sweet relief from robo-calls, nasty mailers and relentless mud-slinging over the air waves. Good riddance to all of that.

MISS: From a reader to “Peter Buckley, the self-anointed ‘budget hawk’ who is running for Avon Town Council, for leaving the Avon Town Council Oct 14 meeting prior to the 2015 budget work session. Apparently the hawk wasn’t hungry.”

HIT: From reader Carol Schimmer “to the town of Avon for a great job on cleaning up the roundabouts and medians along Post Boulevard between U.S. Highway 6 and Interstate 70.”

MISS: To turning to legislation to force what should be a market decision about the use of plastic bags. The Vail Town Council shouldn’t be playing mommy to something like this. When shoppers in their moral wisdom decide that plastic bags somehow are ruining the world, stores will quit offering them or turn to corn-based “plastic.”

HIT: To the U.S. Forest Service signing off on Epic Discovery, an ambitious series of amenities designed to make summer on Vail Mountain that much more fun for visitors.

HIT: To Eagle County Clerk and Recorder Teak Simonton for prudently beginning to offer same-sex marriage licenses after the Supreme Court this week decided against taking lawsuits on the subject from five states, including Colorado. Prudent because Simonton resisted the urge for extra publicity, unlike three other county clerks who issued these licenses ahead of their authority to do so, and by not digging in her heels and refusing out of some political expression of religious views.

MISS: To the town of Vail cracking down on those vile “loopers,” those good-for-nuthin’s who cheat the town of its rightful gouging of motorists who pretty much have to pay a pretty penny to park in the structures to go ski. The town somewhat grudgingly allows two hours of free parking to flip a bone to merchants for the benefit of shoppers. But really? The town with reserves that make pennies of King Tut’s fortune has to crack down with taxpayer dollars? Ridiculous.

HIT: To the candidates who really do keep it clean. For the most part, that covers the ones for local office. Can’t think of any at the levels above that, though. In the vein of the Shakespeare quote about first killing the lawyers, firing the campaign handlers would be a great start.

HIT: To someone who runs for the nearest dark cave to hide when she suspects public praise might be headed her way — Ceil Folz, executive director of the Vail Valley Foundation. We’ll stop with the “Hit,” as we can see her running now. Nicely done, though, Ceil.

HIT: To Avon for capping off a nice move to build quality cycling-hiking trails in the West Avon Preserve with a dedication ceremony recently. While we’re beating on them a little in some matters, they were solid with this one.

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