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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn coming on strong from her knee injuries to reach the brink of catching Annemarie Moser-Proll for most all-time World Cup skiing wins. Looks like this might just be her sweetest year.

MISS: A reluctant one to tax talk to support flights into Eagle County. This alas will be one of those lead balloons with voters should the Air Alliance be foolish enough to put a sales tax on the ballot just yet.

HIT: To the quick, effective response to the biomass plan fire in Gypsum recently in the wee hours. With all the combustibles right there, firefighters did stellar work keeping this one to the conveyor system and out of the main building itself.

HIT: To an outstanding, years-long effort to develop and raise funds for the Castle Peak Senior Care Community, which recently celebrated ground-breaking for the construction phase of the project.

HIT: To another outstanding effort just budding to improve early childhood education in Eagle County. All evidence points to the benefits to society from investing in educating kids much earlier than we might think. Incarceration, educational attainment, worth to society factors all jump dramatically for adults who had the benefit of education from near birth. So, of course, we as a nation provide next to nothing in support for families with young children or in education at that crucial age. And we’re paying a toll in real dollars as well as quality of all our lives as a result.

HIT: To Vail Resorts giving back by the millions to the communities where the ski company operates.

MISS: To predicted costs ballooning for a another Vail underpass beneath Interstate 70. Sounds like this one should be reconsidered.

MISS: To miscarriage, as sad an event as could ever be.

HIT: To Gasthof Gramshammer celebrating 50 years as a key landmark in Vail Village. Congratulations to Sheika and Pepi, and their family, too.

MISS: To the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office taking their sweet time to let the public know about an apartment dweller shooting an intruder. Leaving these things to fester in rumors is a terrible way to conduct business. This kind of information should be prompt. That’s just a sign of professional service to the public.

HIT: To Bravo! Vail moving beyond some internal strife to stay focused on the mission to bring the best classical music festival to Vail audiences. And a MISS, of course, to all the circumstances that led to these things. Alas, community service doesn’t get a pass from the less pleasant sides of human nature.

HIT: To efforts by the new Avon Town Council to tighten up on ethics rules for public service that have been in need of tuning for some time. Embarrassments, frankly, in recent years run the gamut of secret meetings, council members who had moved out of town and an amazing coincidence that the same construction company winning so many jobs in town — all perfectly fine under the old rules and judgment of town leaders. It’s great to see a new council bringing fresh eyes to what sure looks like a problem from the outside looking in. Maybe they’ll also be a good influence on the Eagle Town Board, which has been having more recent issues with judgment and actual laws, as well.

MISS: To a survey of neighbors around the proposed Simba Run underpass about their interest in a noise barrier. Not the concept of a survey to help guide decision-making, but the notion that the town of Vail gets two “votes” for each unit of the new Timber Ridge under construction. How exactly would that be a fair assessment of the neighborhood’s wishes?

HIT: To Snow Daze, a great lead-in to the holidays with the Wallflowers, Rusted Root and 10,000 Maniacs.

MISS: To North Korea, the bellicose country that can’t launch a rocket properly but can intimidate major international corporations, like Sony. Who knew they even had computers, never mind the ability to hack into whole systems? The land of the empty threats has won influence over the empty suits.

HIT: To the experiment providing bus service between Glenwood, Eagle and Vail to Denver and back once a day. Nice idea. We’ll see if it catches on enough to endure.

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