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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader to “not running a bus to Minturn for the World Championships! Huge miss!”

HIT: From the same reader to “all the hard work that our public safety officers are doing to keep everyone safe.”

MISS: From a reader to “the bad decision on the playing of our national anthem at opening of the men’s super-G, this rendition that did not convey to the world our national pride. Poor choice.”

MISS: From a reader “to the way the road lines are painted (and plowed of snow) in front of the Lionshead parking structure entrance on eastbound South Frontage Road. If you are not paying close attention and don’t bear left at the entrance, by driving straight ahead you will almost drive off the road and onto the shoulder, especially at night.”

MISS: From readers John and Diane Milligan to how the national anthem was sung. “We have never heard such a disrespectful and disgusting rendition of the national anthem as what was played at the super-G on Thursday. It appealed to no one.”

MISS: To Bode Miller’s spectacular crash last Thursday while putting together the fastest super-G run of the day. He was bound for gold in his first race since back surgery when it all went wrong at one gate. He found himself back on the surgery table to repair a nasty gash that sliced his hamstring tendon.

HIT: To Bode Miller, the all-out competitor.

HIT: To a super silly tiff cleaned up in Avon. Litigation over the color of shutters at Chapel Square ended as Hoffmann Commercial Real Estate dropped a lawsuit against the town of Avon, which had pooh-poohed red-and-white striped shutters but Hoffmann painted them that way anyway. Predictable complaints followed and events led to court. This is why lawyers earn good livings. But all is well now. Town and developer reached accord on a single color for the shutters, and the suit was withdrawn. Everyone can sleep well again, presumably.

MISS: From a reader to the town of Avon issuing a press release touting the completion of the overpriced stage when the work clearly hasn’t been finished. Some “fast track.” More silly stuff.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn despite her tough Championships. She’s out there competing, even if the ski gods are not seeing fit to blow her way right now.

HIT: To Tina Maze. Is there another word besides “Wow!”?

HIT: To a smooth, safe and incredibly fun World Championships. The organizers are earning gold.

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