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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader to the “2015 (Championships) volunteer lunches. After eight to nine hours standing on snow with smiles on their faces, volunteers at Beaver Creek were only offered half a sub, pack of chips and piece of fruit — which had to be consumed in less than half an hour — if you were lucky! Shame on the Vail Valley Foundation!”

MISS: From a reader to “Vail Resorts, after meeting with some locals concerning the safety of skiing on Vail Mountain, declined to make any changes to facilitate safer recreation.”

MISS: To the town of Avon from a reader who sent a slide show of pictures showing construction on Avon’s new pavilion has not been finished despite glowing announcements otherwise. Makes announcements from the town something to consider with skepticism as a rule.

HIT: To the Vail Veterans Program generally, but also for bringing a Boston couple caught in the terrorist blast to town and the mountain, too.

HIT: To Vail Mountain Rescue and the High Altitude Aviation Training Site for saving lives with their consistently quick and thorough work for people who get themselves in trouble in the backcountry.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn racking up another World Cup victory, No. 65, on her way to winning the season again in super-G.

HIT: To One Book One Valley, which encourages only the best in our reading habits. This year’s book is “The Cold Dish,” part of the series focusing on Sheriff Longmire, who of course is fictional. Thank Eagle County’s librarians for the effort. And do read the book.

MISS: To extending the Green Mile in Eagle-Vail’s long-struggling business district to one more pot shop. Retail marijuana, still a curiosity nationwide, has been much less so locally. However, there remains opposition to treating pot like another legal retail commodity, and folks who don’t like the idea of a sixth such store along U.S. Highway 6 east of the Vail Daily building told leaders that five is more than enough along this stretch.

MISS: To Red Cliff’s predicament of paying a premium for the best water in the county. Debt from necessary upgrades to the tiny town’s water system are responsible. But hey, residents can take a tiny measure of solace that Santa Fe, N.M., households pay even more.

HIT: To 10th Mountain World War II veteran Dick Dirkes getting a little bit of recognition with a couple of medals from the war that ended 70 years ago. He told a story about being captured by Germans three days before the official end of the war and then capturing them a few days after that. They had recognized his group and surrendered to soldiers they knew (and didn’t shoot) a few days earlier.

MISS: To the folks up Lake Creek who blamed a convenient scapegoat — “the media” — for “mischaracterizing” their plans to build a 10,000-square-foot music library, along with a 1,500-square-foot home for artists in residence, along with a portable bandshell for performances on their property. Looked more like they hoped to sneak past the neighbors with as little notice as possible. That kind of blew up as their silence led to neighbors expressing their concern to the county planning commission, as duly reported … accurately.

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