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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From reader Brett Johnson “to reader Reid Griebling, who claims that gaper day was a MISS. Sir if what you say is true, should we then also cater to every wealthy guest … like we are their butler away from home?”

MISS: From a reader “to anyone who thinks beetle-killed forests are more of a fire risk increaser than global warming.”

HIT: From a reader to “snow, sun, ’80s clothing and enjoying life any peaceful way whether it leaves others agape or not.”

HIT: To a memorable ski season that began with a big powder bang and hung in there through the World Championships and on to the end, even if downloading began to make the most sense at the bottom reaches of Vail.

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HIT: To John McMurtry, Kristina Koznick and Jeannie Thoren getting inducted into the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame for their contributions to the sport.

HIT: To continuing trail work for hikers and bikers in the West Avon Preserve, and the town’s ongoing support.

MISS: To the horrible injury to young freeskier Kailyn Forsberg who fractured her C-7 vertebrae while competing a week ago. Donations can be made through First Bank in an account in her name or online at

MISS: To Eagle County commissioners demanding more than standard parking to approve much-needed apartments and townhouses in Edwards between the Interfaith Chapel and mobile home park. Ensuring there’s enough is fine, but why overdo it when these projects already are difficult enough to get done?

HIT: To Vail Valley Medical Center’s new cardiac cath and EP lab, which will host an open house Saturday, April 25. This is one among many steps to better serve a community, ahem, maturing more or less gracefully.

HIT: To the Taste of Vail, the culinary and wine festival that’s an essential part of ski season’s ending days that makes sure we savor these days.

MISS: To the rate of melting snowpack during these warm golf-and-ski days even with average snowpack readings in our area. Most of the state remains categorized as being in some type of drought, and while every bit helps, we need snow even with the ski hills close.

MISS: To bureaucratic, legislative over complication of a straightforward bill requiring motorists venturing into the mountains on I-70 in the winter to take the simplest of measures to make sure they have enough traction for the frequently slippery roadway. This just shouldn’t be this convoluted a means of keeping the highway just that less snarled up and more dangerous. Should there be a “tire police”? Um, yeah. The stupidity of some drivers costs the rest — along with the state — plenty. Can’t be that difficult to make sure you have proper tire tread or be able to put a sock on it. Come on, state Senate. Get a grip.

HIT: To Aldo Radamus, steady, progressive and very, very successful executive director of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail these past 13 years. You have time to say thank you, as the recent announcement of his departure came a year ahead of when he plans to leave at the end of next ski season, in 2016. Talk about giving ample notice.

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