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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From reader Barbara Bindle “to the Vail Police Department for their recent drug bust. Way to go, Vail PD. We appreciate all the hard work that went into this operation.”

HIT: From reader Beth Morales “to Kay Delanoy for recognizing the great Eagle Visitor’s Center. Many locals don’t even know about its unique location and fun things to see. It’s not just for out-of-town visitors.”

HIT: To the new Gore Canyon Whitewater Park in Grand County, important to Eagle County for the water rights and help for recreation and fishery downstream. Well, the water park itself, too.

HIT: To the first close-up photos of Pluto. Look how far we’ve gone. Imagine how far we can go.

HIT: To the Forest Service listening to the public and letting the developers of Battle Mountain know early that their idea to trade their ecologically more suited forest land for the more trammeled Meadow Mountain is a big ol’ lead balloon even as the developers keep trying to fasten wings to it.

MISS: To the fantasy of reconsideration from a public with so much knee-jerk rejection of the idea without taking a second to understand how such a land trade would work, and why it might actually be in the higher public interest of the community as well as the national forest.

HIT: To construction beginning on the Castle Peak Senior Care Community in Eagle.

MISS: To answering a home phone anymore, between the robo polls, political voice recordings and especially the fake IRS agents, fake cops, fake any authority tying to scare people — primarily elderly — into giving them money.

HIT: To the towns of Eagle and Gypsum working on something together, always good news. This time it’s on a proposal to take over U.S. Highway 6 off the state’s hands for less cost to each town and more control. Sounds like a win, win and win.

HIT: To the Vail Town Council making an actual decision about whether to allow retail marijuana sales in town. Now, Vail is the only major resort town in Colorado to just say no to this legal line of business, deeming such business unseemly and something less than classy. Perhaps, although upscale Aspen suffered no such reputational hit by allowing such stores to open. While Vail voters overwhelmingly voted for retail marijuana, the majority business community turned its thumbs down in surveys and input at council meetings. In any case, the Green Mile in Eagle-Vail will remain the closest place for cannabis shopping.

HIT: To the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo this week for folks seeking that fix of Americana.

MISS: To American education policy, which swings between over testing and impossible national standards and lifelong tenure and leaving educators to local whims. Evidence is ample that neither approach works particularly well as this pendulum reaches the far point of testing and federal standards. There’s a rational middle ground if only Americans went more with the lessons of research and appropriate public investment.

HIT: To Walking Mountains and their good influence on residents, second-home owners and visitors — and especially with the children.

HIT: To the effort to fund two-time Eagle County Commissioner Dick Gustafson’s multi-media American history project called the “Spirit of 76 — Renewed.” Agree or hate Gustafson’s political views as you will, and he has plenty of fans as well as critics. But his effort to better educate our youth about U.S. history is only noble. You can contribute at

HIT: To Vail Resorts continuing to invest in its mountains, especially Vail and Beaver Creek, of course.

HIT: To Wild and Scenic designation for Deep Creek. About time.

HIT: To a surge in building permits across the valley so far this year, for those looking to the health of the local economy, anyway. This still is nothing like the boom years, however.

HIT/MISS? To contemplation of various tax increase proposals for valley voters, from Eagle’s interest in river recreation to the county seeking investment in airline flights to no doubt the schools and others. There is room for investment of tax dollars to benefit business, education, environment, transportation, housing and the environment. Unleashing a flood of competing proposals, however, doesn’t seem like a recipe for success.

HIT: To the nearly double-digit uptick across the county so far this year in sales tax revenue. Perhaps it would be wiser to use the increases in sales tax revenue and property tax returns as efficiently and responsible as possible before reaching for new taxes.

HIT: To the upcoming Vail Kids Adventure Games, great fun and a perfect way to develop mountain sport athletes.

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