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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To the new and improved Ford Amphitheater. The new entryway and cover seems to be a big hit with visitors. Best of all, no doubt, are the additional restrooms.

HIT: To the town of Vail taking its time with deciding whether to eventually allow retail marijuana shops in town in light of its always interesting voting constituency, infamous in the case of convention centers for voting yes and no and yes and no through the years. The flip-flopping seems to be holding firm with 75 percent of the town’s voters favoring retail marijuana stores in a statewide election in 2012 before 57 percent declaring in a recent survey that no, really, they are against the idea. To measure a voter’s sentiments in Vail, just wait 15 minutes.

MISS: To whatever gets into people’s heads to commit dumb, selfish crimes, heedless of what they do to others. You may be your own protagonist, but you are not really the most important person in your life. Some never learn that valuable lesson. Some need great embarrassment and punishment to get the message. And, of course, some never get it.

HIT: To the letters to the editor of late. Interest in this summer’s primary elections for sheriff and county commissioner seems much higher than other years, as reflected in the high number of letters on the races. And the staff always loves the publisher being put in his place, this time by citizens cranky with a recent editorial about the referendum debacle following the Eagle Town Board approving the large Haymeadow residential development.

HIT: To the cycle and running races kicking into gear around now, unless of course you are about three-quarters of the way through and completely out of breath. Then a definite MISS to that crazy stuff.

HIT: To summer free of school, no matter what the principal says about regression in certain skills. Learning, especially when a kid, comes as much or more in play and free exploration as the drills, tests and stifling routines of the other three-quarters of the year.

MISS: To large dollar theft and to punishment for a conviction that hardly meets the crime. Just pay a stolen quarter of a million dollars back, spend 30 days in jail and it’s all good? Really? Alberto Vilar wishes he had that judge.

HIT: To Vail Valley Cares, speaking of $250,000. The organization gave that much away to other worthy nonprofit groups last week from the proceeds of its Thrifty Stores in Edwards and Eagle. Much better to give than to take.

HIT: To the tragic case of young avalanche victim Taft Conlin proceeding to trial instead of ending on a technicality. It looks like a jury will soon decide whether the Prima Cornice run that slid on Taft and other middle-school buddies in January 2012 truly was closed. The upper gate was closed and lower gate open, which was where Taft and friends side-stepped their way into danger. The judge in the case ruled against dismissing the lawsuit because of the inherent danger of skiing. A similar lawsuit from a in-bounds Winter Park avalanche was thrown out by the state appeals court, so it was entirely logical to explore the point. It also appears inevitable that a jury verdict, alas, will signal more the beginning of a long legal ordeal than the final word. Still, the tragedy merits the full process and answers.

HIT: To spring season pass sales for next ski season. That shows confidence in the Vail Valley’s version of the historical GM in terms of business. The extension of VR’s holdings and ski areas the company operates has to be good for a big boost, as well.

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