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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader to those cheatin’ spouses from the Happy Valley with accounts in the infamously hacked Ashley Madison website. A techie friend reported 2,277 of ’em. Sounds a little high even if frisky husbands and wives are hardly unheard of.

HIT: From reader Marty Lich to the new, “very cool Gypsum dog park, complete with fresh water station and dog agility fun. The facility is fenced. Thank you, town of Gypsum and Dr. Steve Sheldon, of Gypsum Animal Hospital!”

HIT: To Nicholas Hornbostel, the young wunderkind whose culinary adventures have moved from lunch with first lady Michelle Obama to competing in “Rachael Ray’s Kids Cook-Off” on the Food Network.

MISS: To road rage and otherwise playing games on the freeway while driving. So dumb. So dangerous. And you just don’t know when the other guy may just pull out a gun and shoot at you. Oh yeah, it happens. Even here. Happy Valley that.

MISS: To noxious weeds and more so to the lack of manpower and resources to combat them. The problem really shows itself in wet springs and summers like this one, with lots of growth.

HIT: To the conservation easement as an, ahem, conservative tool to develop open space using free market forces. The right to use land a certain way — particularly for development — is a commodity worth selling and buying depending on the value to the community and the owner.

MISS: To the wildfires to the west and north of us, mildly irritating us with smoke but scorching record swaths — particularly in the state of Washington, whose rain we got this summer.

HIT: To the town of Eagle surveying residents to see if there’s interest in seeking a tax increase to build a riverside park, including in-stream features that at $1 million to $1.5 million alone would cost roughly a quarter of the town’s annual operating budget. If enough presents itself, presumably the town will put the item to the voters. Survey takers may or may not ponder the presumed return on investment, other uses for such a tax hike, and the like.

MISS: To various national organizations, websites and publications calling Edwards a top this or richest that “town.” There is no such municipality and anyway, these folks are lumping Vail and Beaver Creek into their demographics. It’s a great midvalley community, with some terrific neighborhoods, shopping and dining. Visitors might be more than a little disappointed, however, rolling into “town.”

HIT: To stock market corrections when running too hot, and to China hitting the brakes in the face of some reality, although the world’s second economy remains all too artificial, ginned up and, ahem, unsustainable. America’s economy should be able to weather ripples from there even in this global economy, though.

HIT: To new parents Joey and Vio Staufer, whose firstborn came with some extra excitement. Joey, the chief of Eagle’s police force, managed the stork duties with the help of a Vail dispatcher, along with Eagle County Paramedic Services and Gypsum Fire Protection District folks this week when he and wife Vio found themselves along I-70 and it was time.

HIT: To the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District inviting residents next Tuesday at 7 p.m. to the station to tell the district what they think. The department has had some internal issues with two chiefs fired over the past few years, along with disagreements among staff going maybe outside the norm. Talking with the public seems like a great step toward focusing on the purpose of a fire department, and frankly getting back to how the department served its community quite well not so many years ago.

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