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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From a reader to “the town of Avon for cleaning out the underbrush under the horse statue.”

MISS: From the same reader to the town of Avon. “What gives with the new hodgepodge landscape job? Xeriscape can be truly beautiful, but this just misses the mark!”

HIT: To the return of golf and golf courses as certainly a more viable business than during the recession. Frost Creek — that phoenix rising out of Adams Mountain — is seeing a nice surge in memberships. And the Club at Cordillera mess looks nice and cleaned up under the capable hand of Troon.

HIT: To the real estate industry’s continued recovery, reaching a hot billion in dollar volume by July this year.

MISS: In pretty much the same breath is our inability to figure out the housing issues that come whenever real estate gets on a roll. Affordability for locals is our cinder block dragging on our economic juggernaut. It is often said that tony Vail has rich people problems. This one not so much.

HIT: To larger-scale developments awaiting the right time — if ever — to follow through with their building phases. The last thing needed anywhere is a “ruins” such as rusted away next to the Cascade from a project started and then stopped.

HIT: To the town of Eagle stepping forward to take on an enduro mountain-bike race as part of the GoPro Mountain Games. Actually makes sense for Eagle, a more welcoming town than Avon, which turned down the opportunity at the behest of some grumpy neighbors.

MISS: To Ceil Folz leaving the Vail Valley Foundation she’s led for the past 16 years to some remarkable heights. The foundation and community will miss her energy, can-do and strong will much more than we may realize in the wake of the ski world championships. She had a 26-year career with the foundation in all. This may be harder on her than she realizes, too.

HIT: To Hart Skis making Vail its home and supporting Heidi Kloser as sponsor. Couple of shrewd and wise decisions there.

HIT: To Hike, Wine & Dine on Sunday morning at Beaver Creek and Jack’s Place, where patients and their families can stay while getting treatment at the Shaw Regional Cancer Center.

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