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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader “to horrible traffic management shutting down the valley any time there is a problem on Vail Pass. Filter local traffic only to U.S. Highway 6.”

MISS: From reader Kirsten Ovind Zeller to the Vail Daily for “having an article on the Christmas Eve services and no list of when they were being held.”

HIT: To John Dunn, local attorney and diligent skier for the past 50 years at Vail Mountain. We know because he’s kept a journal of his ski days all this time and more. Be sure to congratulate him if you see him around town. Or on the mountain.

MISS: To “passion” in its ridiculous and overused sense. How about determination, commitment, persistence, interest, effort? That’s what effectiveness requires, after all. No one is full of passion for anything all the time, and so what anyway? Isn’t the point to accomplish what you set out to do? Enough with all the gush already. People who profess to always be full of passion are more likely to be full of … it. Harumph.

HIT: To New Year’s Eve, of course. Just keep a handle on the celebration so you and others can celebrate many more in the future.

MISS: To bitter cold. OK, we’re being selfish in this warmer world.

HIT: To the Vail Symposium’s winter season beginning Monday with 24 programs crossing a wide range of intellectual and physical pursuits.

HIT: To Kaiser Permanente offering to drive Eagle County patients to and from the Front Range and put them up in a hotel for health services that are less costly than in the mountains. Meantime, Colorado Mountain Medical has signed on with Kaiser as a local partner.

MISS: To both political correctness and its opposite. William Shakespeare put it well: “Mind your speech a little, lest you should mar your fortunes.” Or less elegantly said: “Think before you speak.” Both are sound advice we’d all do well to mind.

MISS: To three lanes all the way from Denver to Vail. May the Colorado Department of Transportation’s budget remain tight if that’s really the department’s ideal for I-70.

MISS: To the word “multimodal.” Say what? That’s just trying to sound smart by speaking gibberish. Oxymoronic, in other words. But we’ll go straight to moronic in this case.

HIT: To the Salvation Army and its Adopt-a-Family program — for the obvious reasons.

HIT: To New Year’s resolutions. Even you don’t follow ’em past Day 1, they’re still fun to think about and tell you much about your hopes and dreams. Besides, you just might keep a few through the next year.

HIT: To advances in grooming and more grooming at Vail Mountain. Now, just saying, it would be great to figure out a safe way to groom during the day, too.

HIT: To Mitch Whiteford’s gentle suggestions primarily for hotdog skiers with a penchant for streaking down intermediate runs and exercise guru Ryan Richards’ more blunt admonishments this week on the same topic. Basically, the message is to be kind to the many skiers with lesser ability than yours, and dude, ski where your skills matter. What are you doing on blue runs anyway if you can’t follow basic safety guidelines?

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