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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To Lindsey Vonn on a tear. She won her all-time record-tying 36th World Cup downhill one day and the super-G the next. She also brought herself up to within 38 points of passing overall points leader Lara Gut.

MISS: To the death of snowboarder Logan Salviano, whose body was found in a tree well on Vail Mountain last week. The Two Elk Lodge employee was described as a kind and gentle young man.

HIT: To the openings for five of the Eagle Town Board’s seven seats. For residents who have been disturbed by how the board has conducted town business, here’s your chance to do something about it. The deadline for registering to run is coming up fast, though, thanks to a new and dubious state law. Good grief, the election is in April, after all.

MISS: To the Eagle Town Board fast-tracking its hiring process to replace the town manager the board majority ousted — for no good or identifiable reason — before the April elections at which five of the seven seats on the board will be up for election. Things might get interesting for anyone foolish enough to accept the position with the current level of uncertainty surrounding the elections, not to mention citizen anger at the board. Adding to the turmoil, the mayor who led the push to get rid of a perfectly fine town manager announced this week he won’t seek re-election.

MISS: To the “gift” that keeps giving and unfortunately demonstrates the Eagle mayor and board member who took their unfortunate, and illegal, trip to meet with the Haymeadow developer in Florida still don’t get it. In the state ethics investigation following the trip, they each declared they had stopped discussing or voting on matters connected to the Haymeadow development. Yet there they were at a Town Board meeting this week discussing the very thing. Board member Doug Seabury abstained from voting, though he failed to recuse himself from the discussion. Mayor Yuri Kostick both discussed and voted on the matter. Sigh. And they wonder why their judgment is questioned.

HIT: To Eagle Mayor Yuri Kostick for announcing this week he will not seek re-election. It is time for a clean slate for the mayor’s position, as well several others serving on the Town Board. This actually might be the first sensible move in the past several months. To his credit, Kostick made the announcement in time for others to consider running in time to meet the Jan. 25 deadline.

HIT: To teaching skiing and snowboarding effectively to beginners. It builds the sport and helps with safety issues down the … slope.

HIT: To Medal of Honor recipient Kyle Carpenter, his affection for Vail and the veterans program founded by Cheryl Jensen to give him and other wounded veterans the opportunity to develop that affection. Carpenter survived throwing himself on a grenade to protect others and ever since has pretty much blown everyone away with his will to recover and represent the medal well.

HIT: To the new normal when it comes to snow, which means pretty darn good right now.

HIT/MISS? To the purchase of the Vail Cascade Resort & Spa by a Los Angeles-based group with plans to lift the complex to higher luxury. Call us skeptical about that one. The hotel has fit a nice niche, but it aims now to compete with more centrally located high-end locations in Vail.

MISS: To the donation of a giant sculpture to the Steve Fossett Spirit of Adventure Ranch up Colorado River Road. The spirit of the gift is great. And the adventure camp for Scouts is great, but it seems it could use funds generated from selling the sculpture a lot more than the sculpture itself.

HIT: To Vail Mountain Rescue Group, which assuredly saved a life or two or three in December alone.

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