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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From reader Jackie Cohen to the Vail Daily for not mentioning Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the Jan. 18 edition. “I scoured (the paper) and didn’t see a word about Martin Luther King Day, not even in Across the Wire. It’s a national holiday for a national leader and I expected at least a wire service article.”

MISS: To Eagle Mayor Yuri Kostick thinking aloud that the current Town Board could force a new town manager on possibly a whole new Town Board if hired before the town election April 5. Now we can understand why he and his mates making the current majority have been so urgent about making a hire in March if they can. Dude sounded downright plaintive when the town attorney informed him, publicly at a recent Town Board meeting, that he was mistaken. The board elected in April by state law will make that decision. A remake of “Dumb and Dumber” should be filmed in Eagle instead of Aspen.

HIT: To the prospects of electing a sane Eagle Town Board smart enough bring back the best town manager the town could have: none other than Jon Stavney. “Back to the Future” while we’re on the old movie theme?

HIT: To the Youth Foundation winning a nice, fat grant of $304,000 for its program with a mess of caps and lowercase letters, PwrHrs KidSTRONG (are you kidding me?). Never mind that. The program itself is much needed and great for underprivileged youth.

HIT: To Peyton Manning, a recent visitor to Beaver Creek with his family, and all dem Broncos with their nail-biting playoff win over the Pittsburgh Steelers last weekend. Fumble or field goal — our D wouldn’t have allowed a TD in any case — The Man delivers the comeback to win either way. The receivers had dropped all they were gonna drop that game. And the Steelers? You never discount that team. Next up, the Patriots, reigning Super Bowl champs. Favorites. Very beatable, though. Storybook says one more Super Bowl for Manning. Let’s see what reality has to say about that.

MISS: To the Patriots, always to the Patriots, dark lords of the NFL. The emperor in his hoody, the Darth of quarterbacks in a pretty boy disguise. Storm trooper defense. And always something borderline skanky brewed up in secret — the dark side alive and well. And don’t forget the Death Star of a tight end, the well-named Gronk.

HIT: The most important one from Mother Nature right on schedule to Martin Luther King Jr. weekend, something like 30 inches of snow dumped on Vail. Boom! And … whew!

HIT: To a rebound in bookings for lodges, nudging a modest-sounding numbers before Christmas to what had been pegging the meter these past years at this time of year. The visitor biz has been awfully good for a long time now.

HIT: Hmmmm, could there be a coincidence, to surprisingly great snow in what was supposed to be a dry spell in early January, according to the various “experts.”

MISS: To mountain lions in people places, although to be fair, we share the space. Maybe this is a HIT for some — wildlife in town. Of course, you wouldn’t say so if your dog or cat paid the price. Or you if have small children at home.

MISS: To all of us missing the Powerball jackpot at its record $1.6 billion high. Dang. Next week.

MISS: To the continued nonsense that snowboarders are like this and skiers like that. Horse pucky. We just ride, baby.

MISS: Really, to the state Legislature convening again. Really, we need yet more laws and fussing around? Just balance the budget and figure out how to free us of the truly stupid amendments to the state Constitution. Yes, we’re talking about you, TABOR, Gallagher, Amendment 23.

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