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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From a reader for “allowing your dog to chase wildlife.”

HIT: To the Broncos clawing their way to another Super Bowl. Just enough offense and just enough defense, and there you go. The, ahem, experts didn’t give ’em a chance. Now they’re already crowning Carolina. Not so fast.

HIT: To early success with the Interstate 70 toll lane back to Denver through Clear Creek. Did someone say more lanes couldn’t possibly be the answer for Sunday afternoon traffic jam?

HIT: To Red Cliff bulldogging through federal bureaucracy to get a broadband tower up there.

HIT: To making skiing more fun for the women in our lives. Women tend to drop the sport as they get older — if they took it up at all. Men, once past middle school at least, tend to enjoy skiing and snowboarding with women, and the slopes get a little lonelier when they stay home.

HIT: To SOS Outreach continuing to grow as it teaches our children well.

MISS: To classic lead coverage Thursday, Jan. 21, in: The Wall Street Journal with “Global Stocks Sink on Fresh Growth Fears” and “The Selloff Might Not Mean a Recession” (whew); The New York Times with “2015 Far Eclipsed 2014 as World’s Hottest Year …” and deck … “Warming Up, Relentlessly” (still don’t believe, you nasty Repubicans?); and finally The Denver Post, in love with a pretty design weighed in with “The New No. 9: Making Very Educated Mathematical Justifications, Scientists Uncover Next Planet.” Well, maybe. It’s still a guess. And worthy of a brief in the back, actually. Yes, the Vail Daily, provincial as always, led with a worker housing headline, our equivalent of the serious news of the day, indeed.

MISS: To the prospect of the Vail Cascade Resort & Spa replacing their indoor tennis courts with parking. Ugh, at least from a tennis fan’s point of view.

HIT: To Eagle’s plans to make a park of the riverside through town. The dirt truck parking lot at the fairgrounds is particularly ugly now and could be so great with some thoughtful work.

HIT: To the birthday Rimels, celebrating on Jan. 18, 19 and 20. That’s Brent, Lee and Wendy. Nice Town Talk pic, too.

HIT: To Abby Ghent and her approach to life and ski racing: “Being comfortable with being uncomfortable.” Yes, there’s a certain logic to it. Put another way: “Fortune favors the bold.”

HIT: To Eagle Valley High School icons John Ramunno and Randy Rohweder, coaches who dedicated their lives to education off the field too. They’ll be inducted into the school’s hall of fame Feb. 6.

MISS: To giant East Coast snowstorms that not only drop snow in the wrong place, from our perspective, but prevent skiers from flying out here for their ski vacations.

HIT: To the notion Jews, Muslims and Christians worship the same god. Well, of course they do, whether they want to admit this or not. This is the god of Abraham.

HIT: To a promising slate of candidates for the Eagle Town Board in the April election. Perhaps more so, this looks like a classic case of addition by subtraction with the current mayor and Town Board members choosing not to seek election. A return to a measure of sanity is on the horizon.

HIT: To Vail Valley athletes Taylor Seaton and Chris Del Bosco headed to the X Games in Aspen.

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