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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To Shaun White confessing actual excitement about competing in the Burton U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships.

HIT: To the high-tech room at Vail Public Library. Great idea.

HIT: To a small sales tax in Edwards to help fund the finishing steps to the Spur Road, especially at the intersection with U. S. Highway 6. The state will fund the bulk of the work if the ballot measure in May passes.

HIT: To Beaver Creek ski patroller J.W. Busby and his snow sculptures on the mountain.

MISS: To the grocery store lobby trying to take over alcohol sales too through the state Legislature. Colorado’s support of independent liquor stores works just fine. Enough already.

MISS: To the Republicans falling into the thrall of a reality TV star, which is not to be confused with, ahem, reality. Evangelicals seeing not the loud liar but another of those charismatics who they believe must share their values if he speaks their language; bigots recognizing one of their kind, with a wink and nod at his slow disavowal of famous white supremacists’ support and lightning quick attacks on Muslims, Mexicans and women with sharp tongues; working people buying into the billionaire as getting them and caring about them, even as his record shows rather starkly a different truth; partisans liking how the bluster feels so much they can ignore the emptiness of the words, thereby imagining the man as a conservative, God-fearing, Republican. It’s all so breathtaking: The tough guy who can’t handle Megyn Kelly but tells us he’ll take down ISIS. To think enough of us are swallowing all this swill with a smile and voting for the guy to derail the GOP.

HIT: To Eagle’s City Market expanding. Good for shoppers and good for sales tax revenue as the parent company sees enough of a future in the downvalley to build for it.

HIT: To the warm memories of those golden years and MISS to the reality. Today’s kids in these allegedly more dangerous, complicated and difficult times will have the same fuzzy memories someday as adults, just as nearly every generation has looked back since well before Socrates’ time.

HIT: To Clarence Thomas finding his tongue on the Supreme Court bench for the first time in at least a decade. Poor joke, but maybe he finally could get in a word with the passing of Justice Antonio Scalia, well known for his loquacious approach in these hearings.

HIT: To the Battle Mountain Husky ski team winning the state champions for the second year in a row. Also to skimeisters Quintin Cook and Haley Frischholz, both from Battle Mountain.

HIT: To more snow, always! Well, until the mountains close.

HIT: To Warren Buffett’s even-handed optimism about America’s future

MISS: To the Nuggets ever since they fired the reigning coach of the year, George Karl, in 2013. The whole organization has been sinking ever since. Now they are vying with the Rockies for most inept in their respective leagues.

HIT: To the food of the gods, at least since 1600 B.C. You and we would know this staple as … chocolate. The real stuff, not the milk and sugar kind.

HIT: To the participation at each party’s caucus on Tuesday night. The parties may be shrinking here as well as across the nation as more of us drop our party affiliations — out of disgust, make no mistake. Still, the enthusiasm was great Tuesday.

MISS: To the local and Colorado Democrats leaping off the loony cliff favoring Bernie Sanders. Really? Haven’t we learned the lessons from the “Music Man” even now? Even lefty journalists know free lunch isn’t.

HIT: To the local Republicans showing some sense and favoring Marco Rubio in shows of hands even if their party rules at higher levels ridiculously precluded them from actually voting, and thereby having some influence in the primary vote grab.

HIT: To Michael Cacioppo, devoted longtime critic of governments large and small, wearing a tie, putting on a coat, pinning on a nametag and entering the candidate fray for office. He’s running for the state House against Democratic incumbent Diane Mitsch Bush.

He jokes that a compelling reason to vote for him is four months away from pestering local governments while he serves and, we’ll add, learns again what it’s like on the other side.

MISS: To state Sen. Randy Baumgardner’s illogical opposition to the commonsense state road traction bill that the Colorado Department of Transportation and the State Patrol both are asking for. He says if something is working, it doesn’t need fixing. Well, the Grand County lawmaker clearly hasn’t been driving much. Otherwise he’d know things ain’t working as well as they might on mountain roadways.

HIT: To British Columbia’s carbon tax — imposed and supported by Canada’s right-leaning party. Turns out it works just fine without killing business.

MISS: To those three knee fractures ending Lindsey Vonn’s ski racing season early. Bad break, and sorry about the pun.

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