Vail Daily Hits and Misses

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: From reader Jackie Cohen, a board member of B’Nai Vail to staff writer “Randy Wyrick for comprehensive and accurate coverage of B’Nai Vail’s historic event, restitching our Torah to new rollers. Those present were impressed by the resonance and symbolism of such an ancient, enduring and rare ritual. That our rabbi is a certified Torah scribe who has repaired Torahs rescued from the Holocaust makes this occurrence all the more meaningful. We witnesses, young and old, will simply not see this event again here.”

MISS: From reader Kemp Mooney “to the poor excuse for a newspaper. There is more going on in the world than real estate and the usual cookie cutter stories rehashed from other sources.”

MISS: To the number of tax increases on the ballot this spring. The answer can’t be raise taxes for everything. While some entities have solid cases for such investment, others, well, probably need to work a bit more on tightening the belt, continuing recovery in the economy and other means of lining up budgets to genuine need.

HIT: To an interesting contest for mayor in Minturn. Nice to see two great candidates with different perspectives. Incumbent Hawkeye Flaherty has held the post since 1998, and Matt Scherr offers a fresh approach.

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HIT: To the Republicans finding a couple of good county commissioner candidates — Rick Beveridge and Randy Milhoan — for the fall election. It would have been more than a little embarrassing for the GOP to have nuthin’ going for the most important elected positions in the county.

HIT: To spring snow in time for the Easter holiday.

HIT: Of course to the virtues and message of Easter, at root a beacon of hope for humanity.

HIT: To forgiveness, also part of the Easter message if buried a bit deeper.

HIT: Of course to the boost in business, too. That’s important to our lives, as well, though in a thoroughly temporal way.

HIT: To the town of Avon purchasing the Skier Building for a new town hall at a much better and fairer price at $1.5 million than the $3.2 million voters rejected a little over a year ago. Now, the town needs to avoid going crazy with the renovation work and keep the overall costs prudent. It’s time to move forward, though, and not let the pursuit of the perfect prevent the good.

HIT: To Pink Vail, as fun a fundraiser as can be for the cancer it helps fight.

MISS: To a State Patrol car hitting a pedestrian at the U.S. Highway 6 and Edwards Spur Road intersection.

HIT: To the pure, wild love for skiing as exhibited by the Ravinos.

MISS: To state senators who allow Interstate 70 to be more dangerous in winters for no good reason, claiming what clearly is not true — that enough already is being done to make sure motorists have proper tread when the roadway is snowy or icy. There seems to be something else here more important to these legislators than doing their part to make the interstate safer and less clogged.

HIT: To the Bright Future Foundation’s Buddy Mentor Program receiving $94,000 in a grant from tax revenue generated by retail marijuana sales.

HIT: To a suggestion of balance in oil prices rising modestly. Cheap fuel is awesome, but not so much at the cost of whole companies going bankrupt.

MISS: To pinning hopes on paving Cottonwood Pass for when Glenwood Canyon closes. Expensive and foolish idea. Not gonna happen.

MISS: To pine beetles, spruce beetles and other tree beetles. No doubt they fulfill an important role. But when they mess with a Vail Mountain Snotel site, the gauntlet gets thrown. Bad enough they wiped out every pine around Granby. Now they’ve gone and messed with site No. 842.

MISS: To messing with the Vail Trail. It doesn’t really need to be a veritable road complete with wooden bridges. Especially if the citizens don’t even want that.

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