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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From reader Lenny Bloom “to people walking-jogging with their backs to traffic on roads and recreation paths. That’s illegal and dangerous.”

HIT: From Bloom “to people walking-jogging facing traffic. Safer for both them and bicyclists and auto drivers.”

MISS: From Bloom “to bicyclists riding on sidewalks and riding facing traffic, which is illegal.”

HIT: From Bloom “to street cleaners who make it safer to ride bicycles on the shoulders of roads.”

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HIT: To the GoPro Mountain Games with weather that turned out to be not so bad compared to the forecasts and solid crowds to go with the competition, concerts, booths, concessions and activities making for a pleasant way indeed to spend the weekend.

MISS: To whatever caused the small plane crash at Eagle County Regional Airport that killed Delta County resident and pilot Karl Hipp last Friday. Wind gusts, something wrong with the plane, a combination of things, all tragic.

MISS: To the tragedies arising from our favorite pursuits on rivers and cliff sides, as well as in the air and by far the most often, on our roads.

HIT: To enough rain and snow in May enabling water reservoirs to open the gates in time to help fish migrations this year.

HIT: To Colorado Mountain College teachers Carol Koch and Cynthia Bell winning Faculty of Year honors from the sprawling college and representing the Edwards campus well.

HIT: To two local communities — Vail and Eagle/Gypsum — putting up home teams in the upcoming Wood Bat Baseball League this summer. College players from across the country compete and build dreams in these leagues. Their website can be found at http://www.mtwestsummercollege

HIT: To Habit for Humanity continuing to do what it does. Build and open homes to lower income residents who help in the effort. The organization dedicated the most recent five last weekends at Gypsum’s Stratton Flats.

HIT: From the Vail Daily softball team to the new field in Vail. Too bad they couldn’t take better advantage of what they deemed a big improvement over the past.

HIT: To recycling habits picking up.

HIT: To young Jensen Rawlings, setting an example for others by donating his locks more than once to Children With Hair Loss, which donates wigs for free to children who have lost their hair from cancer treatments and other ailments.

MISS: To the Vail Town Council still trying to sit on their hands when it comes to retail marijuana stores, with council members calling for yet more study of how it has panned out in places like Aspen and Breckenridge. The favorite quote of the week came from what sounded like an unintentional declaration of one member to the others that they all should do their own “research.” Uh, uh. Really, it’s time to … or get off the pot and you know, make a decision.

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