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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To the fun not ending with Labor Day Weekend. Early autumn events — with perhaps a little boost from a timely Indian summer — will keep the weekends rolling. 

HIT: To football season. Maybe if the Rockies ever were a little better we wouldn’t feel the dog days of sports fandom droop so. Until now.

HIT: To those good-hearted mirrors to Imelda Marcos and her over-the-top love of shoes back in the day when her husband ruled the Philippines. Impact Ministries not only has collected more than twice Imelda’s loot (or is that boot?), but is doing it all for a good cause. Proceeds from their fundraiser will help in their mission to help people — mainly kids — make better choices in life.

HIT: To the ski mountains across the state all working to improve their ski experience.

HIT: To the Pain in Spain (and we believe this), our own Uncle Randy and the takes only he can have when traveling. Like this one, talking about the magnificent churches in Spain: “But they’re everywhere! Like American presidential candidates, only not as stiff.” Oh, boy …

HIT: To the Rotary Club’s yellow ducks and everything they do.

HIT/MISS?: To generational momentum just beginning to shift from the once-dominant boomers to their children of the … err, millennials in numbers if not size of banking accounts and disposable income. But that’s coming soon enough. And marketers everywhere — even ski towns — are spinning their webs now.

HIT: To the fresh start suggested by elections. This fall, the Vail Town Council will have four seats, a majority, up for grabs. Colorado Mountain College’s board has four seats open, too, none representing our valley, though. Eagle County’s representative, Glenn Davis, is not in play this time.

HIT: To this year’s inductees to the Colorado Ski Hall of Fame: Jack Eck, Ceil Folz, Bud Marolt, Kent Myers and Bob Singley. Appropriately — of course we’d think so — the induction gala will be held in town this year instead of Denver.

MISS: To pretty much everything about the botched armed robbery and shooting in Gypsum last week aside from the police agencies’ response, rounding up the suspects, taking swift and sure precautions around the schools and keeping the public well informed about developments while the episode played out last Friday.

HIT: To the Eagle River Cleanup on Saturday and the horde of volunteers (around 350 people) who will spend part of their weekend picking up.

HIT: To the longish list of events in addition to the cleanup this weekend, ranging from the auto and air show at the airport on up the valley to Oktoberfest in Vail. Yes, we know, some locals are shouting “Get off my lawn!” or somesuch. Really? In towns built on visitation? There remain plenty of places for hermits to hide if that is their bent.

HIT: Maybe, to a new toll lane through a cramped part of I-70, between Empire and the bottom of Floyd Hill, to unkink the highway and finance construction costs. The Department of Transportation says the cost of using this 13-mile-long lane will fluctuate “dynamically” between $3 and $30, depending on traffic.

HIT: To columnist Benjamin Gochberg’s advice about taking that higher path, that road less traveled by, in our lives to make all the difference. Right on.

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