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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

MISS: From the town of Vail to the Vail Daily for categorizing the 2014 town of Vail Community Survey results as a collective miss. The town just hosted an employee lunch to thank its 200-plus employees for their outstanding efforts in contributing to the highest service satisfaction levels the town has ever seen. Now that’s a hit that certainly overshadows those politicians by a long shot!

MISS: To wildfire, one of the few hazards to worry about this time of year. A snowy winter and almost actual mud season did much to dampen the chances of this scourge of summer. But it won’t take much of a gap in the monsoon season to see fire danger spike. The Boy Scouts have it right: Be prepared.

HIT: To moose. We’ve seen more in recent years than before. These are great, if awkward looking, beasts. They also are about the most cranky and dangerous. Better to encounter a bear or lion than a mother moose with a baby or a male at that time of year. Thing is, we’re way more of a hazard to them than they to us. Give them room, and respect their wildness. Even if you find one in a hotel lobby.

HIT: To Larkspur trying something new by eschewing dinner service for events. Patrons can’t just walk in as at Vail’s other fine eating establishments, but there’s a little something more with such experiences as Larkspur After Bravo! Vail, Backyard Harvest Lunch and the more regular Tequila Tuesdays.

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MISS: To an otherwise fabulous Fourth of July weekend throughout the Vail Valley dampened by the death of a young woman trying to cross Interstate 70 in Vail at the spot where another young person had tried and died back in 2009.

HIT: To Avon and Eagle’s fireworks displays. Both are family staples that continue to flourish. Avon went to a wider picnic experience and skipped the live concert part of their event, and it worked well. After all, it’s the fireworks themselves that highlight the evenings of July 3 and 4.

HIT: To the redesigned 18th hole at Vail Golf Club, object of unhappy golfers when the old hole was deemed unsafe in this new age of care for safety. Ironically enough, it’s more iconic now, too.

HIT: We have to do this to the wing of the Vail Daily and Vail Valley Foundation that fired up and delivered the best float ever, described as a “very zany mix — part marionette, part bobblehead mixed with a little bit of Godzilla.” In true Vail Daily fashion, of course this had to be a thoroughly deadline affair that tested the nerves of the strongest among us. But congratulations not only on finishing just in time, but winning “Best in Show” in the Fourth of July parade.

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