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Vail Daily Hits and Misses

the Vail Daily Editorial Board

Got a quick Hit or Miss about issues, decisions or goings-on in the valley? Send yours to to be included.

HIT: To a problem that’s really not — overflow parking in Vail to the frontage roads. Almost any town in America would kill for this to be their big problem.

HIT: To the notion of a roundabout at the main Edwards corner, just about the only major intersection left in the Vail Valley that’s not a roundabout. And sure, to the other improvements envisioned in the area.

HIT: To the Labor Day weekend beginning to draw the drapes on the summer peak season. Unlike the end of ski season, however, the visitor haunts hardly will become ghost towns. The following weekend may be even more stuffed with events than this one.

MISS: To the dumbest scandal ever, Deflategate, fumbling along in the courts now. Who knew a few PSI could possibly matter so much? Not to the game itself, mind you.

HIT: To the community showing up in force at a fundraiser last Friday at the Eagle Ranch Pavilion and grounds for Kailyn Forsberg, paralyzed for now from the waist down after a crash last spring during a national slopestyle competition at Copper Mountain. Attendance overflowed and included seemingly everyone from up and down the 50-mile valley.

MISS: To the Avon Town Council getting rattled by some NIMBYs and rejecting an enduro mountain bike race on the West Avon Preserve. Seems Avon isn’t quite the heart of the valley, after all.

HIT: To the town of Eagle survey showing 71 percent of residents who took the survey agreeing that the town is headed in the right direction.

HIT: To Eagle’s consideration of a river park extending along the dirt lot next to the fairgrounds where semis often park. The survey of residents suggests willingness to pass a tax increase to help fund construction of the park, including instream water features in addition to grass, bathrooms and so on. The cost is a little eyebrow raising at $12 million, but otherwise sounds like fun. Sales tax looks like the preferred means over a property tax increase.

MISS: From a reader to the National Geographic’s rural cops series featuring local law enforcement in an episode or two. Makes Eagle County look like Hickville, according to the reader, much like during the Kobe Bryant case.

HIT: To the Vail Valley Medical Center and the Steadman Philippon Research Institute bringing in top scientists and physicians to the first Vail Scientific Summit Regenerative and Translational Medicine: A Collaborative Mission. Here’s a peek at Vail’s possible future leading the country and world in regenerative medicine, and not just in orthopedics. Might work some on the name for next year, though. VSSRTMCM sounds more like something Lord Voldemort might say in a “Harry Potter” movie.

HIT: To El Nino if the atmospheric pattern brings rain and snow to the California coast, Sierra Nevada, Utah and Colorado. If not, well, then it’s a lotta fuss over nothin’.

HIT: To Vail Resorts continuing to invest in its ski mountains. Folks get awfully spoiled and then grumpy about little things when taking the company for granted.

HIT: To the Eagle River Water & Sanitation District giving a citizens group a little time to try figure out how to preserve an old barn currently used for storage on district land near the Avon sewer plant.

HIT: To the Youth Foundation pumping up summer enrichment programs for Eagle County Schools students. Every bit helps.

MISS: To unfulfilled wishes in Gypsum for a proper downtown. The question now and probably forever is this: Where? Maybe the nicest municipal complex in how many counties will just have to do.

HIT: To competition bringing the best out of Vail Valley Medical Center, Centura and Kaiser Permanente in the future. Obviously, Centura and Kaiser sense opportunity as the valley grows and health care changes.

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