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HIT: To spring, and all her moods. To the sun, the buds, the rain, the mud. Maybe not so much to more snow, though.

HIT: To our fresh crop of graduates ready to take on the world. The fresh optimism and sense of possibility are always welcome, and isn’t this just the right time of year to think about bright futures?

MISS: To the highest Obamacare coverage prices in the country. Someone has mistaken us for our visitors from other parts of America. The folks who live and work here by and large don’t fit the stereotype.

MISS: To wind-whipped “control” burns last weekend that didn’t stay very controlled. The fire departments ask that you make sure to contact them for burning permits to help ensure conditions are safe before lighting up those piles.

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HIT: To the first Taft Conlin scholarship winner, Kevin Garcia. May some good come from tragedy through this program and others like it.

HIT: To work widening U.S. Highway 6 between Edwards and Avon to make cycling safer and more inviting.

HIT: To cycling and enjoying a brew or two in Eagle with county and town elected officials. No doubt a few of the world’s problems will be solved this way. In any case, take it from the journalists, this sure beats a town or county commissioner meeting.

MISS: To making a marketing issue of “mud season,” “downvalley” or for that matter being all edgy about “Vail Valley,” which sorry, is what the I-70 corridor through our paradise really is to that big wide world out there. Fretting about PC and geographic properness is kind of a sign about the need to maybe loosen the ol’ belt or other article of clothing that obviously is pinching a little tight. That said, maybe the timing of that 10,000-strong Tough Mudder event should be a few weekends earlier. Just a thought. Meantime, more than a few of us are busy getting our shoes and tires, ahem, delightfully …

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