Vail Daily letter: Disrespectful, distasteful ad

I wish to strongly object to Roots Rx’s Nov. 24 ad, which I find extremely distasteful! It blatantly demeans women with its supposed “eye-catching” design. My criticism is also directed to Roots Rx’s graphics designer and their financial backers!

It’s very disheartening to see a printed ad that, in my opinion, disparages women. True, ads should attract attention, but to design a disrespectful ad with sexual innuendos and compromising positions is not professional-quality advertisement. Are these innuendos supposed to be “clever?” This particular ad insults women, and I hope that fathers, husbands, etc., find it equally offensive.

Hopefully this insensitive ad will cease. I ask Roots Rx: now that the voters approved your type of business, can’t you be more respectful and supportive of this community, and in particular of the girls and women of Eagle Valley, or will you continue to humiliate us?

Kathleen Felli


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