Vail Daily letter: Excellent care |

Vail Daily letter: Excellent care

As a full-time resident of the valley, it is with great pride and appreciation that I write today in praise of our county’s emergency medical care.

Over the years I have enjoyed the benefit of the medical expertise available here for a diagnosis of this or that, or a minor surgery, but in early June that changed. While driving through the Edwards intersection on my motorcycle, I was hit by a turning car.

I’m unable to provide details, as I have no memory from before the accident until well after my arrival at VVMC in Vail. Although none of my injuries was catastrophic and I am healing well, I would like to take this opportunity to thank some of those responsible for my initial care, transport, surgery and rehabilitation.

First, to Eagle County Ambulance, and more specifically, Steve Zuckerman, paramedic.

Second, to Dr. Reg Francoise, of Mountain Surgical Associates, who was my emergency care provider and directed my treatment.

Then to Dr. Jeffrey Resnick, of VVMC, for his amazing work at putting my head back together.

And to Dr. Peter Millett, of The Steadman Clinic, who as soon as able, performed several difficult orthopedic repairs to a damaged shoulder, elbow, etc.

And lastly, to the great folks at the Howard Head Sports Medicine in Edwards, particularly Phillip Galloway, PT, for their patience in making me whole again.

Of course, I am also extremely grateful to the many other doctors, nurses and other caregivers who although unnamed, were essential in providing me with such amazing care throughout what for me has been a traumatic and life-changing experience.

We locals and all visitors should take solace in knowing that if or when we are faced with a medical crisis, our system is ready, willing and more than capable of successfully seeing us through it.

Steve Lucido


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