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Won’t forget miscues

On July 18 , President Obama again gave misleading statements about the future of Obamacare. He claimed that premiums for health insurance were going down. He said that some citizens were receiving a check for $100. That was true as far as he went.

What he didn’t say was that all of the rebates were in the state of New York. Why? Because New York requires all citizens to be insured. The current premiums are extremely high, and it is probably true that Obamacare would be cheaper. New York is the only state with that requirement. The premium difference may only happen for a single year.

For other states — such as Washington, Oregon and Georgia, — the premiums are projected to increase, between 27 percent and 100 percent, with Obamacare. Many other states may suffer the same fate or worse. For example, in an article in Forbes magazine, the writer predicts premiums in California could increase somewhere between 64 percent and 146 percent.

The House of Representatives has again voted in favor of either eliminating Obamacare (there are more than 30 bills so far) or to withhold funding. The congressmen agree that the cost of medical care in the United States is too high and needs to be lowered. Those congressmen also have offered a number of suggestions to reduce the cost of health care well below the cost of Obamcare.

As written, the Affordable Care Act has many hundreds of pages. Those pages include a number of penalties and hidden taxes for us all. The president fails to mention these costs, or maybe Obama doesn’t actually have any knowledge of them.

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Each bill, passed by the House, has been submitted to the Senate, but Harry Reid refuses to let any of them to come to a vote. Obama takes this opportunity to politically chide the House for wasting their time. Sen. Reid seems to fear the House bills, so he blocks them all.

Is the result a futile effort by the House leadership wasting Congress’ time or does it expose the hypocrisy of the Senate leader? Those who voted to repeal the “Affordable” Care Act included every Republican, plus over 30 Democrats. Several more Democrats are considering changing their vote to favor the repeal, responding to public opinion. Will President Obama ever deliver the completely accurate story?

The IRS scandal

On another front of the Obama administration’s scandals, Elizabeth Hofacre and Carter Hull recently testified to the congressional hearing about her part in the Internal Revenue Service scandal.

Hofacre was one of the “rogue” agents who were accused by the administration of taking the initiative to hold up conservative organizations applications for a tax-exempt status. In other words, these agents were being thrown under the bus. She testified that she was following orders from Lois Learner, who invoked the Fifth during her opportunity to testify before Congress. (The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution protects citizens against self incrimination.) She was suspended with pay for her actions. She also is the administration’s selection to head up Obamacare within the IRS.

Carter Hull’s job in the IRS is to approve or deny such applications. But in the case of conservative and tea party applications, Hull, a 40-year staff member of the IRS, testified he was ordered to send them all to William J. Wilkins. Wilkins is the Chief Council for the IRS.

He is one of only two presidential political appointees to that organization. The plot sickens. Isn’t it difficult to believe that Obama didn’t have some hand in that decision?


Rep. Frank Wolf , R-Va., said he plans to talk to the members of the Benghazi staff who have been hidden by the administration for these past several months. Each of these staff members was forced to sign an updated nondisclosure agreement about what they knew about the events of the Benghazi attack. Wolf said that if Congress subpoenas the members, the nondisclosure agreements are null and void, and Congress and the American people may finally know what happened on that infamous day. More to come.

Dick Gustafson was a two-term Eagle County commissioner.

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