Vail Daily column: Recognizing a true community leader |

Vail Daily column: Recognizing a true community leader

Rachel Ledon
Valley Voices

We all have people in our lives who we admire. Those people who go out of their ways to help people for little personal gain. Those people can brighten your day just by talking to them for a few minutes. When you watch the news too much and you feel yourself becoming disgruntled about the world, you remember these amazing people and feel a little bit better.

If you haven’t met anyone like this, you might be contented to know that there is one living among you in the Vail Valley today. Her name is Sage Nelson. She is a teacher at Battle Mountain High School. I was lucky to have been one of her students just a few years ago. I’d like to give her a shoutout.

Anyone who knows Sage understands how simple it is to create a truly meaningful bond with her. I think people today have this idea that we must conserve our love, like we only have so much to give out. Sage, however, has a seemingly endless supply and gives it out unsparingly. The minute you start talking to her, you begin feel a little bit more confident about yourself. I’m not sure if it is her warming smile or the way she is able to force you into seeing the positive side of everything, but without fail, she will make you walk away a little happier.

She works extremely hard. Not only does she teach full time, but she also supervises the student council, which requires excessive time and effort outside of the classroom. Trust me, I did that gig for four years during my time as a student. It’s not easy. But without fail, Sage inspired me each day to do something positive, for my school, for a classmate or for myself.

Having recently entered the world of academia, I have come to really appreciate the relationships that I was able to build with Sage and many other teachers. Surely my college professors are outstanding and I truly believe that many of them are secretly superheroes. Seriously, when I sit in class, I feel that at any moment they will put on their superpower capes and fly away.

Sage isn’t like that. While I admire the woman profusely, the thing that makes her such a great teacher and such an outstanding person is that she is so genuinely human. She’s a mother of two, an amazing wife, a devoted teacher and a serious Rihanna fan. But there is something truly wonderful and unique about her passion for life and impeccable love for the people that she’s around. As a teacher, she truly goes beyond the line of duty, and if you’re lucky enough to be her friend, your life gets a little happier. Seriously, she’s great. Someone please give her an award.

There are plenty inspiring people out there. I think it’s important that every once in a while they are recognized. So whoever it is that inspires you, let them know.

Rachel Ledon graduated from Battle Mountain high school and is now a journalism student at the University of Denver.