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Editors failed to exercise sound judgment by printing letter about Taft Conlin (letter)

Dear editors: Lance Carlson’s letter published in this newspaper on Wednesday, April 25, (“What happened to individual responsibility”) in which he directly assigns blame for Taft Conlin’s fatal ski accident to both Taft’s youthful indiscretion and the failure of good parenting, was cruel, insensitive and just downright inhumane. Letters from others subsequently published in this newspaper adequately addressed the dumb (for lack of a better term in the midst of my anger) thoughts expressed by Mr. Carlson.

What is missing from the discussion, however, is the inability of the editors to exercise sound discretion and judgment with respect to the decision to publish Mr. Carlson’s toxic letter. We have known Dr. Conlin and Dr. Ingalls for a long time, during which they cared for our dogs over the years with great professional dedication and personal empathy.

They represent the punctilio of everything that is good and gracious about the people of the Vail Valley, and while the editors are obviously free to publish anything they choose, they heartlessly and sorely failed to understand that Mr. Carlson should not be allowed to inject his cruel and poisonous venom into our community from his distant perch in Idaho. There is a total failure here by the editors to exercise sound journalistic ideals.

David and Liz Stern


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