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Enough, already with the Mueller investigation into Trump ‘collusion’ (letter)

Enough already with this nonsense! Enough with wasting untold millions of taxpayers’ dollars on this Mueller escapade. Even middle school assignments have a due date. Robert Mueller’s “gravy train” has been chugging along for over a year now. He has a staff of 16 lawyers (13 of which are registered Democrats; 11 are Democrat donors, but I digress). Sixteen lawyers for a year! How much do you think that bill is?

Oh, and plus Mueller and his compensation and expenses. One year and 17 lawyers How about submitting a report and ending the gravy train! Do you need more time? Do you need more investigators? How incompetent are you? Even a blind squirrel could find an acorn in a year, not to mention 17 lawyers and untold other “investigators.” Don’t keep burning taxpayers’ dollars because you can’t find any “collusion.”

What has been discovered is that the Russian “meddling” consisted of making Facebook postings and ads under false persona, one of which organized the Nov. 12 “Trump is NOT my President Rally” in New York City. Whatever Russian meddling was conducted, it is clear their goal was to incite and feed divisiveness among us (as if our incredible divisiveness needs any help!), not pushing any candidate.

And everyone has seemed to have lost sight of the fact that Mueller was the head of the FBI that spawned the Comey, McCabe, Strzok, Page partisan cesspool at the highest levels of the FBI. These disgraced individuals were all his underlings and proteges. Wow. Remember when we heard what an upright, outstanding “Boy Scout” Comey was? And Mueller is a “Boy Scout” with unquestionable integrity, etc. (The Boy Scouts should sue for slander!). Mueller is the “Godfather” who created an atmosphere and culture that would allow the disintegration of the once sacrosanct and hallowed FBI, so I’m not anxiously awaiting the “objective” findings of his investigation, I just want them to stop adding to the federal debt.

Tom Smith

Sarasota, Florida

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