Family Leadership Training transformed my life (letter) |

Family Leadership Training transformed my life (letter)

I had been studying adverse childhood experiences causing toxic stress and the affects on children.

The results of the study were alarming. How could I become effective in bringing the changes needed to assist all of the children in our community that needed it?

I chose to attend the Family Leadership Training Institute classes that ia a free 20-week leadership class that focuses on training any interested individual to gain the civic skills needed to make effective changes in their community for better life for children.

I have brought awareness of my study to our local and state government, our community leaders and those in our county school systems.

I am now attending college classes to receive my education in early childhood education so that I can make a daily difference in the lives of pre-school children daily.

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I encourage anyone that has the love and care of children to take the training and help to make the changes in the community to better the lives of all the children.

It is only one evening each week for 20 weeks — Jan. 5 to June 3. It could not only change your life but those of a child you care for.

Apply online at or contact Glenda Wentworth, or 970-328-8360. The deadline to apply is Dec. 31.

Sharon Propernick


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