Letter: Donovan’s bill is an attack on free speech

I am seldom speechless, but a new Senate bill introduced by our dear Sen. Kerry Donovan in the state legislature stopped me in my tracks.

SB21-132 would create a commission to restrict hate speech, fake news, and conspiracy theories on social media platforms. Such platforms operating in the state such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Twitch would be required to register with the state or face a fine of $5,000 per day for every day they are in violation.

Yet that’s just the beginning. This bill sets up a “digital communications division” — aka more government — which in turn sets up a “digital communications commission” — aka more bureaucrats-to monitor what has historically been known as free speech in America.

But wait. I guess we’re all confused — because the goal of the liberals, of which Ms. Donovan is a standard bearer — is to eliminate free speech for everyone but them.

This commission’s role is just what it says. “It shall investigate and hold hearings on claims filed with the division alleging that a digital communications platform has allowed a person to engage in one or more unfair or discriminatory digital communications practices on the platform.”

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But what it fails to say is who will serve on this commission and what their qualifications will be — or is it enough to just be a liberal?

It also fails to define hate speech — I assume that’s anything the liberals don’t agree with.

And how about election integrity? What’s it say about that? Maybe you can be fined for suggesting that voter IDs should be required.

Then there’s also “disseminate intentional disinformation, conspiracy theories, or fake news.” Wow. That covers a lot of territory. I guess if I forward you an article from any of our illustrious news agencies, I’m guilty, because to me it’s almost all fake news. But maybe not because, after all, they don’t view the news media as being fake. It’s all the equivalent of the gospel, just not according to Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. More like Nancy, Kamala, Chuck and Joe — maybe not Joe.

The bottom line here is that this bill is an all-out attack on free speech. Nothing less. But besides the egregious nature of such legislation, it’s also important to remember the source. Because while this woman is trying to do whatever damage she can while in the state legislature, her next goal is to rule from the U.S. Congress by winning a seat from a district in which she doesn’t even live.

The arrogance of the bill and her future plans for control defy all logic and would be laughable were it not so terrifying.

Kaye Ferry


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