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Ferry: Williams’ column went too far

Kaye Ferry
Valley Voices

Once again, David O. Williams rants from his own distorted viewpoint and makes accusations that are without foundation. And his conspiracy theories about Republican intervention in the local school board races would be laughable, if not dangerous.

Kaye Ferry

But let me first clarify something: I wrote for the Daily for almost eight years. Never once in all of that time did I respond to a naysayer. My attitude has always been that the angry people of the world will stay angry regardless of any rebuttal, because in general, they don’t want to be confused by the facts. But this time, he crossed a line — many in fact.

As chair of Eagle County Republicans, I can say unequivocally that we have had zero involvement in these races. And I dare him to prove otherwise. One of our board members, acting on her own, served as a filing agent for some of the candidates who happen to be her friends but did so without our knowledge or support.

He also had the nerve to imply national and Colorado Republican Party intervention. As a member of the Colorado Republican Executive committee, once again, the answer is prove the intervention because there is none. But Williams has never cared about the. facts.

It is not the Republican party that has flooded the newspaper with ads or banner wraps online. No, that is the leadership of the Education Foundation of Eagle County, the teachers unions, the Democrats and the outside help of who knows who else. We have stayed hands off because that’s how we believe these races should be run.

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You have seen no “slate” advertising from the Republicans. All of the Republican candidates are running on their own merits. That’s why these races were set up to be nonpartisan. That’s what nonpartisan means.

So let’s go point by point.

He refers to the “opposition” as an “unhinged minority.” Me thinketh he doth protest too much. I believe in psychological terms it is called transference.

Does he actually believe that as citizens we are not allowed to question authority, especially when it flies in the face of facts? I thought that was what America was founded on.

And “the opposition” talked “in code” about the necessity of teaching the basics of education — the three R’s. Oh no. According to him, that’s some kind of a secret message to foster “anti immigrant racism.” Really? I thought that would represent a means to foster a system that actually taught the tools these students would need to succeed in this country. So far, Eagle County schools are deficient in these skills as evident by our ratings.

But for those of you who have not followed the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey fiasco, wow.

Is it really “sexual exploitation” to reject the intrusive nature of the questions posed to our children? Is it really appropriate to ask an 11-year-old if he/she/they/them are transgender? That is an actual question on the survey. Or how about question No. 24: “Have you ever forced someone to have sex with you when you knew they did not want to?”

God help us if we have devolved to such a level of morality to think that is acceptable information to be requested of sixth graders. And he calls that “sexual exploitation?” To resist that intrusion? I would venture to say it is quite the opposite. To not question it is to be complicit in exploitation of the highest order.

No, Williams failed at making his case. Shame on him for making demeaning accusations against people who he does not know, has not interviewed, has nothing in common with, but feels the need to demonize because they do not share his distorted assessment of the world around us. Add to that, the rambling nature of his commentary leaves one to wonder about his ability to think in logical sequence and therefore reach logical conclusions.

He pointed out what he feels are the cause of the problems in the world. I would suggest that the uninformed vitriol he spewed is definitely what’s wrong with the world. In my experience, people who resort to sweeping generalizations do so because they are too lazy or incapable of researching the facts.

He has my deepest sympathy for having to live in such a negative place while diminishing those that are trying to have a positive impact on a broken system.

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