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‘Fresh ideas’ code for same old, same old in Eagle-Vail (letter)

If you attended, or watched the Eagle-Vail candidates’ forum on Channel 5, you saw it and heard it, too. A vote for the new guys with the “diversity and fresh ideas” is a vote the same old Eagle-Vail way.

You’ve got one candidate who owns a rental in Eagle-Vail, lives downvalley, winters in Arizona but promises to never miss a board meeting. The other two are new to Colorado. The three of them collectively think current management is doing a great job and want to blame the Gallagher Amendment for our problems.

Unlike the new guys, Steve and Jake have clearly demonstrated what they can get accomplished during their service on the Property Owners Association board. And, most recently, Albert has actively volunteered and participated in getting the new courts building rebuilt. Albert, Steve and Jake are not interested in special treatment. They are only interested in good and honest governance and getting things done. They expect nothing in return.

Steve, Jake and Albert have lived and participated in Eagle-Vail long before they decided to run for board positions. They know and understand why we face our present challenges. They have attended board meetings, joined committees, participated and have gotten things done.

Since many governments and special districts share board members on more than one board, it is to Eagle-Vail’s good fortune that we have two members that will be willing to sit on both boards. Clearly, it has demonstrated efficiency and has been approved and supported.

We are so lucky to have three quality candidates. Please vote for Steve Daniels, Jake Jacobson and Albert Ewing. They are committed to Eagle-Vail and to getting things accomplished.

Ashley Steppig


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