From a former teacher: Arming educators with AR-15s must be a joke (letter) |

From a former teacher: Arming educators with AR-15s must be a joke (letter)

Why “ha”? Thirty-five years ago, I retired after 25 years as a teacher of English in a senior high school on Long Island (a master’s degree plus 30 credits beyond).

Picture this: I’m a little lady, 5-foot-1-inch, sitting on top of my desk, presenting Hamlet’s soliloquy “To be or not to be” (relevant now?) to 30 seniors. That was in the 1960s, ’70s, early ’80s. Everyone is attentive. Teachers teach, and students learn.

Now it’s 2018. I have the gun (a semi-automatic) ordered for me in my desk drawer. A deranged creep with his assault weapon has begun the massacre he is intending (courtesy of our Second Amendment). I am the mother of two kids in middle school. (He got past the cop outside … well trained but intending to save his own life.)

Although my husband is a combat veteran who survived the Battle of the Bulge in World War II, his wife in her classroom is terrified. Some of the students have their own guns. My closet is filled with shelves, but I run for it with a few students.

One caveat about my cowardice: (Back to the ’70s) I was on hall duty near the cafeteria when the tall teacher, a woman, dashed out of the cafeteria, where she was on duty, calling to me that she was headed for the front office to get the assistant principal because two boys had started to fight. I got up, entered the cafeteria, pushed my small frame between the two boys, turned to the shorter, less aggressive youngster, and tried to push him away from his opponent, begging him to “back off.”

The combat seemed to be quieting down when the 6-foot-1 assistant principal arrived, followed by the “courageous” (in quotes for sarcasm) teacher who had been on duty in the cafeteria. I can only imagine the mayhem that would have erupted now in 2018 if a malevolent intruder with an assault gun had arrived — more than 100 in the cafeteria, some students with guns.

So, inspired by attorney Rohn K. Robbins (whose column I always read) in the Vail Daily, Wednesday, Feb. 21, (“Time to reinterpret the Second Amendment?”), as well as the powerful voices and determination of many of the high school students who survived the latest massacre, I agree with Robbins’ conclusion: “This is doable. … Law, in general, and the Second Amendment, in particular, is a matter of interpretation. Time for reconsideration.” As a mother of one of the dead students cried out, “They used muskets when the Second Amendment was written.”

Only the police and military should have access to assault weapons. Even hunting guns and other firearms must be carefully restricted among civilians.

Arming teachers? Ha. As the Mafia might conclude, “Fawged aboud id!”

Thelma Rubinstein


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