Get out of your comfortable easy chair and vote in this midterm election (letter) |

Get out of your comfortable easy chair and vote in this midterm election (letter)

Does it matter which party you’re affiliated with in this climate of corruption and lies coming out of Washington politics? I think not! What matters is our country and preserving democracy in the United States of America for the future and our grandchildren, right?

As Madeleine Albright says in her book, “Fascism, a Warning,” “I also think Trump does act as though he’s above the law. He lies without shame and threatens to jail political competitors. He foments bigotry; he lavishes admiration on autocrats like Putin and, by doing so, encourages the worldwide drift to authoritarianism.

“Observe, also, how Trump exploits a crowd. He uses rallies in a strange way. … What is fascinating in watching Trump is he loves the people yelling and he uses them so that it looks as though he is having conversations with the people on TV. Trump is, I think, actually smart — evil smart, is what I think.”

I have had the question asked of me from a Republican: “Have you always been a Democrat?” I answered, “No, I’ve always voted for the man, his moral character, his honesty and his values. I could not vote for Trump after witnessing the ‘Access Hollywood’ tape, his immorality, language, etc.”

I still don’t understand when a Republican says, “I don’t necessarily believe in his moral conduct but support his policies.” How can a person support his policies when they know he lies multiple times every day? Donald Trump cannot be trusted to carry out his promises for the working class people when his only concern is for himself and his money and his ego.

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Folks, I think it’s time to reach across the aisle and put aside the labels we’ve put on ourselves, such as Democrat, Republican, Independent. The Republican Party is not the party of Honest Abe Lincoln anymore when it goes along with all the corruption and lies of Trump. It’s time to start fighting for our freedoms and civil liberties and keep America great, as it’s always been.

As I’ve written previously in letters to the editor, get out of your comfortable easy chair and vote in this midterm election. Every vote counts.

Linda Carr


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