Greater Eagle Fire Protection District says thank you (letter) |

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District says thank you (letter)

Greater Eagle Fire Protection District says thank you

Editor’s note: Eric Peterson submitted this as an individual. He serves as president of the Greater Eagle Fire Protection District Board. He and his family have lived in the Eagle area since 2008.

The election results are in regarding Ballot Question 6A and the voters have overwhelmingly approved the issue. Your approval is much appreciated and will keep the district running on a balanced budget and allow for us to keep the proper staffing of firefighters as well as update our aging apparatus, ensure the safety of our firefighters and continue to serve our district effectively.

We would like to specifically thank the voters, Chief Cupp, all of the paid and volunteer staff as well as the fire board in a joint effort to get the word out regarding the issue at hand. We also want to give a shout out to Cliff Thompson, of IKS Consulting, and Eric Weaver, of Marchetti & Weaver, for helping the district get 6A on the ballot.

The Gallagher Amendment may have been a good idea many moons ago when it was originally passed, but in recent years it has had great negative impacts to special districts such as the Greater Eagle Fire’s district. The district had hoped that the issue would be resolved at the state level but the legislation never really pushed to resolve the issue. It has been disappointing that the Gallagher Amendment couldn’t be handled at the state level and has required that special districts spend money from already reduced budgets, to go the voters for approval to de-Gallagherize. I expect that many other special districts will be on the ballot in upcoming elections to fix to their budget issues brought on by the Gallagher Amendment.

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Eric Peterson


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