Gypsum Fire district needs your vote to maintain personnel and services (letter) |

Gypsum Fire district needs your vote to maintain personnel and services (letter)

I’m writing to ask your support of Gypsum Fire’s ballot issue, 7E.

As you know, the voters approved a mill levy increase in 2016. The Fire District kept their promises, hired personnel and took care of much-needed maintenance on their equipment. Because they were trying to be responsible with taxpayer money, when they went to the voters in 2016, they asked only for what they needed, projecting into the future and making sure they wouldn’t overly tax their citizens.

Unfortunately, they could not have forecast the effect the statewide Gallagher Amendment would have on their budget. Due to circumstances completely beyond their control, Gypsum Fire stands to lose every penny (and more) of what their taxpayers voted for in 2016. If 7E doesn’t pass, they will likely have to lay off the newly hired personnel, as well as others, and will essentially be back in the same dismal position that forced them to go to the voters in 2016.

7E is not a request for more money. It does not commit taxpayers to a certain amount. … If our property tax values go down, so will their collections. Voting yes for 7E simply exempts Gypsum Fire from the Gallagher Amendment. It’s an easy choice. Please go to the very bottom of the ballot, vote “yes,” and remember to return your ballot by Tuesday, Nov. 6!


Jennifer Kirkland

Friends of Gypsum Fire

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