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Haims: Ninja Moms and others making a difference

While our county has been stricken with a great number of COVID-19 cases, there is much good happening. Community outreach and offers to assist others has not reached current levels in a long time — if ever.

On Friday of last week, Connie from Village Bagel in Edwards called me. She had a patron ask if they could buy breakfast bagels for people who may not have the ability to get out of their homes. Connie asked me if I would be willing to come to the bagel shop and pick up bagels and deliver them. When I got to Village Bagels, I found a box containing about 30 individual bags of bagels.

I extend a heartfelt thank you to whomever this patron was and to Connie for thinking of our senior population who may be apprehensive of getting out for a little morning treat.

Ever hear of the Ninja Moms of Eagle? Probably not. That’s why they’re the Ninja Moms. This past Sunday, this extraordinary group of women put together over 50 bags of food and supplies and bought them to the Golden Eagle Senior Apartment in Eagle.

To the Ninja Moms — your thoughtfulness and generosity brought smiles and thankfulness to every home you visited. Matt, the property manager, informed me that he received numerous calls from residents who were almost brought to tears in appreciation. You all represent the very best our community has to offer.

Even in these turbulent times, it’s always astounding to me what a special place we live in. 

Many who make up the cohort of our senior population are going to be more challenged than many in maintaining any semblance of normality during the community’s shutdown. Leaving the house to get essentials like medication, food, and supplies may come with the very real risk of becoming infected with a life-threatening ailment.

And, while many of us who are younger and healthy may be feeling the challenges of social isolation, we may have work, family and friends that help maintain some sense of normalcy. Many of our seniors may not be so fortunate.

For anybody that is able and would like to help senior community members who may be at high risk of infection, here are some suggestion of what you can do to help:

Donate food and supplies

Eagle County’s Healthy Aging Program could use help. If you would like to donate cleaning products, paper towels, toilet paper, and non-perishable and sealed food, they have plans in place for distribution and pick-up. Please email Carly Rietmann and Pat Nolan at healthyaging@eaglecounty.us. You can also call 328-8896 and leave a message.

Volunteer to be a trusted companion

Our community is always looking to match trusted individuals with community seniors. If you would like to help drive a community senior to a medical appointment, grocery store, or on general errands, you can do so by filling out a volunteer form that Carly Rietmann and Pat Nolan can provide.

If perhaps driving is not what you had in mind, maybe consider filling out a volunteer form to become a trusted companion who can help our elderly get out for a walk when weather permits. Social isolation for those anxious about being exposed to COVID-19 is a very real concern — especially for those with chronic health conditions. If you know you are healthy and have a neighbor or someone in the area who you suspect may not be getting outside or may be isolated, please consider becoming a trusted companion.

We all will likely experience increased social isolation and loneliness while we combat this pandemic. Recognizing these additional health risks and developing mitigation plans are important steps we can all take to help each other out. Remaining connected is especially important for people who live alone; regular social contact can be a lifeline for support if they develop symptoms.

On a side note, for all those wearing gloves and face masks, please make sure you are wearing, removing, and disposing of them properly. A face mask that does not fit snugly around your face is not effective and a face mask that only blocks large-particle droplets may not be effective in mitigating COVID-19 exposure. For those wearing gloves, please go online and watch a video on proper removal and disposal. Taking off gloves improperly does little to protect you.

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