Newmann: Happy Friday! Try to avoid the world for just this weekend

Happy Friday, folks!

The work week is drawing to an end, spring is in the air (as long as there’s not too much new snow), skiing is still good (as long as there’s not too much spring in the air), the grass is greening up and, maybe (just maybe), you can look forward to a relaxing weekend.

Staying away from any news source over the weekend is a great way to unwind. Sure, there’s a ton of stuff going on and, depending on your choice of news networks, a ton of spin. War, inflation, political intrigue, virus mutations, even sports — the list goes on and on. You can listen to all the critics and the pundits giving their take on any of these issues — and still remain as confused as ever. Take a break over the weekend. Turn on some cartoons. All this other stuff will still be there on Monday, and will still be as confusing as ever.

Maybe hop in the car and go for a drive. That’s a great way to relax. But don’t go too far. Perhaps just around the block. You want to stay away from any gas-pump sticker shock. Remember, it’s a relaxing weekend. On your short neighborhood circuit, turn on the radio and listen to some music. Turn down the ads when they come on — and do the same for any news broadcasts.

Go for a walk. Walking is a great way to kick back and clear your mind. Try not to get into conversations with any fellow walkers along the way. Just smile, say “hi” and keep on walking. No need to get into any dialogues. You never know when someone will bring up a touchy subject that might send you (and them) into a tizzy. This is your weekend to relax. Maybe theirs, too.

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Line up a bunch of comfort food. Nothing like yummy indulgences to sooth the soul. Just spread out the goodies, kick back on the couch and start munching. But don’t forget: If you’ve got a television in front of the couch, don’t watch any news, any home improvement shows that have unresolved issues or sporting events where your team might even have the slightest chance of losing. As mentioned above, cartoons may be the answer. You’re going for a stress-free couple of days. No need for indigestion.

Take a nap after eating all that comfort food. When was the last time you took a nap? For many of us, it was probably at 5 years old. Look at all the enthusiasm (and unbridled optimism) that most 5-year-old kids have. There has to be something to this nap thing. Plus, what could be more relaxing and refreshing than just putting one’s head on a pillow and zonking out? In the middle of the day. No guilt. No worries. Hard to worry when you’re asleep.

When you wake up, try some meditation. Even if you don’t know how to meditate, you’ll still find pseudo meditation handy. Just clear your mind by staring at the ceiling (or any useful object that catches your fancy — just make sure that the object of your stare is not cracked or broken). Keep staring until you wonder why you’re still staring. This will take your mind off of almost everything else.

Enjoy your weekend, folks! And try to keep that relaxed feeling going into the start of the coming week.

There’ll be plenty of time later to catch up on all the stressful stuff you might have missed.

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