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Have a safe and sober ski season; leave the drinking for apres (letter)

To all my fellow snowsport enthusiasts: It’s snowing and Vail is opening early for the first time in a long time! The ski season is here, and skiing and everything that comes with it (adrenaline, therapy and physical fitness and more) is here.

My reason for reaching out today is to spread some awareness about drinking alcohol and skiing/snowboarding. First and foremost, they don’t mesh well at all. I, unfortunately, mixed the two for the first time last season on the last day. My pride is only going to allow me to say that it wasn’t pretty and I’m still mortified.

It could have been a lot worse. I could have permanently hurt myself. I could have hurt someone else. I could have been arrested and spent the night in jail. And all for what? It honestly is so not worth it. Save the drinking for apres (i.e. after) ski time, please. Stick to drinking water and munching on protein bars during the day. Rip up the slopes and then have a well-deserved adult beverage at the base … without your ski boots on — nice!

Also, I think it’s very important to have respect for the mountain employees who are looking out for our safety. They don’t even know us, and our lives essentially are in their hands. Patrollers, mountain safety, security workers and guest services are all highly qualified and looking out for us. Thanks, guys! I’m thinking about starting a Hug your Mountain Safety Worker day … stay tuned.

I’m honored to say this will be my eighth season as an avid Vail skier. I get invites to visit other mountains on the Epic Pass every season, but sometimes even the Beav’ is just too far away. From Chair 5 powder days to escaping the crowds on Chair 10 to adventure treks out to Blue Sky — Vail is the best! Don’t get me started on EpicMix pin chasing on the days when the snow isn’t quite ideal.

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Skiing is the greatest sport in the world. Our day-to-day lives disappear when we get on the gondola/chairlift. It is fun, exhilarating, rewarding and as I like to see it: a healthy, therapeutic outlet. We are privileged and lucky to have the mountain of Vail at our doorstep.

Have a great (safe and sober) season!

Victoria Thurlby


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