Health care is the most important issue to consider when going to the polls (letter) |

Health care is the most important issue to consider when going to the polls (letter)

If for no other reason to vote in the next few weeks, I would think every American would be concerned about their health care and health care costs. I just listened to Republican Mitch McConnell state that the deficit is too high and that he is proposing to cut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and entitlement programs.

Do you remember when President Donald Trump was campaigning and he stated, “I will not cut Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, etc., and I will make sure pre-existing conditions are covered”? I remember it well. Here we are, two years in, and the Republicans are planning to do exactly what President Trump stated he would not do to our health care and us.

This is our future and our children and grandchildren’s futures being destroyed, folks. This is only one of the many ways this president is destroying America and all we stand for.

I am an elderly female with five grandchildren to think about, and the future does not look very promising for them. From the children being slaughtered in schools, to journalists being tortured and murdered and the rich getting richer with the current president’s policies and those of us who are not invested in the stock market and just trying to live a good life, it all looks rather hopeless.

I’ve never been political in my life, nor have I seen anything like this before in my 77 years on the planet. I am making one last plea for everyone to get to the polls in the next few weeks to get some morality and civility and integrity back in America.

Linda Carr


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