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Hey, Dwight Yoakam, if it’s too loud in Beaver Creek, turn it down (letter)

I attended the Dwight Yoakam concert last evening, July 26, at Vilar in Beaver Creek. Was second row center, and during the first song, I’m thinking I’m way too close, this is overpowering.

During song two, I lowered my hearing devices to the minimum. Song three took them out entirely. By then, a gent behind me was screaming, “Fix the sound!” I joined in and said, “It’s too loud!” Yoakam and his band members totally ignored us. I got up and found a seat halfway up, still deafening. Went to the balcony last row, same thing.

Walked into the lobby intending to leave and complained to an usher who pointed me toward a group who had the Vilar manager cornered complaining.

To his credit, he listened and ordered his ticket window manager to refund anyone who wanted their money back. The lady in that line in front of me told me she yelled at Yoakam and he yelled back, “Go sit in your car!”

He played like he was at a Farm Aid Concert and the people in the next county needed to be able to hear him.

I don’t think he’ll be invited to Vilar again.

Ed Orick

Daniel Island, South Carolina

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