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High Altitude Society: Eagle Valley Land Trust hosts Farm to Fork fundraiser

Betty Ann Woodland
Special to the Daily

On a beautiful late summer evening along the Eagle River the Eagle Valley Land Trust held their annual Farm to Fork dinner to support community conservation and the protection of wildlife. Eagle Valley Land Trust plays a leading role in protecting our most precious lands while educating our community about the benefits of conserving the rural character of our county. Eagle County Land Trust provides outdoor experiences, emotional connections, and economic benefits to the community. Some of these emotional ties were evident in the conversations and presentations during the Farm to Fork event.

We heard from EVLT Executive Director, Jessica Foulis, as she praised her “small but mighty team,” and her amazing board of directors. “I am incredibly grateful to the EVLT board, our supporters, and our terrific staff. I am grateful to wake up every morning, excited to go to work, conserving the lands that we love, alongside this dedicated team,” said Foulis. Appreciation went out to sponsors Alpine Bank, American Gypsum, RA Nelson, and Sipes Architects as well as Red Maple Catering, Red Mountain Ranch, and Under the Sky for making Farm to Fork 2022 possible.

A highlight of the evening was hearing from ten-year-old local, Oakley Milhoan, who was as articulate and passionate as they come. “In my opinion, nothing compares to the pristine beauty and wildlife in our own mountains like the Gore Range…trails like West Lake Creek and open space like Lime Park. In order to conserve these places we must find a balance between our needs of playing, working, and living and the needs of wildlife and the land. As a kid, I love having space to wander and play in the woods. But, I love the animals having a home more,” said Milhoan.

There was a great deal to celebrate including the collaborative effort that preserved, as public land, the 488-acre Sweetwater Lake Area. Open space conservation in our community connects people to the land. The Eagle Valley Land Trust saves and protects our local land for our people – our families, neighbors, homeowners, businesses, ranchers, sportsmen, tourists, and guests.

Investment in open space and land conservation allows us to preserve a mountain legacy for ourselves, our kids, and our grandchildren. Saving our Colorado landscapes and waterways will guarantee that the quality of life we enjoy today will remain unspoiled for tomorrow. The great outdoors, the exhilaration, and the emotional feeling we all experience in nature that surrounds us is worth protecting for future generations. On this evening, open space reigned supreme. “Fundraising for conservation was a huge success,” said EVLT Deputy Director Bergen Tjossem.

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