Human Resource Committee knows best in Eagle-Vail (letter) |

Human Resource Committee knows best in Eagle-Vail (letter)

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Holy mother of God! Possible unintended consequences … protected class … a trip to Denver to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

I haven’t the strength to continue with lengthy detail. I’m still struggling to catch my breath. So, I will just say this: Beware Eagle-Vailites. Implemented change made in 2009 at the behest of the few could result in costly, unintended consequences for who knows how long — forever?

Want more insight? View the Thursday, March 15, Metro District board meeting on Channel 5 (High Five Media). Watch Chris Romer (spokesman for the district’s Human Resource Committee), and then watch all the comments from citizens that follow. Still confused? Then take the time to read Eagle Vail Metro District board packets beginning Thursday, Feb. 1 (agenda item: HR Committee Recommendations).

Only 110 people — yes interviews with just 110 people from Eagle-Vail — were the basis for the Urban Land Institute’s 2008 recommendation for change that, implemented soon thereafter, may now severely limit Eagle-Vail’s possibilities for change. My head is still spinning after listening to Mr. Romer’s unsolicited legal opinions.

The possibility for a lawsuit, he said. Apparently, no room for negotiation; the Human Resource Committee knows best. Holy mil levy increase. I’m feeling that pressure again in my chest. Where was it you said you put the baby aspirin, honey?

Aggie Chastain


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