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If you care about environmental protection, vote Mitsch Bush in November (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

Dear Sir: We all realize that the 2018 general election is going to be a consequential one for many reasons. Of particular concern to many in beautiful Eagle County and beyond is the way the current administration is throwing years of progress on environmental issues away and putting our clean air and water, as well as our public lands, at risk.

In that context, I hope that on Nov. 6, voters will carefully weigh the words — but more importantly actions — of the candidates for the 3rd Congressional District.

On the one hand is incumbent Rep. Scott Tipton, who scores a lowly 6 percent with the League of Conservation Voters. He voted “anti-environment” on 28 of some 30 pieces of environmental legislation in the House last year. And that was no one-off … it was consistent with his lifetime record of putting special interests first ahead of us and our environment. His position is clear.

On the other hand, voters can chose to elect Diane Mitsch Busch. In 2017, she was voted “Legislator of the Year” by Conservation Colorado. She has a record of fighting oil and gas lobbyists. She has protected our lands as a rural county planning commissioner for 10 years. And, crucially for me, she believes in evidence-based policy making that can bring together strong environmental policies and support for economic growth and jobs.

Looked at that way, in my view, 3rd Congressional District really has an easy choice in November.

Adam Quinton


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