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I’m voting for Kerry Donovan because this is how she describes her connection to Vail (letter)

I am voting for Kerry Donovan for state senator. Why? In 2000, while at the University of Notre Dame, Kerry wrote the following:

“… I breathe Vail. I don’t think my bones are filled with marrow. I think they are filled with snow from Riva, runoff from the Gore, wildflowers and granite, Fourth of July fireworks, golden aspen leaves, cool evenings and starry nights and sweet peas from my garden.

“I cannot imagine that after all those summers of being bathed in campfire smoke, coated in garden dirt and smeared in ranch mud that some of it did not sink through my skin. It is amazing to be from a place where its history is your history. A place where eyes still meet and hellos are exchanged.

“I love that my initials are scratched into the concrete in front of our house and that my brothers’ initials are carved into a secret golf course aspen. I love that we have to grapple with issues such as the rights of scooters and horse carriages and that I have trouble driving around because I am not used to stoplights.

“I know how ‘Lost Boy’ earned its name and where Vail found out that a man had landed on the moon. I love that I know what timberline is and that it is a place I frequent. I know what spring water tastes like and it does not taste like Evian.

“I love that I spent the summer fly-fishing with my dad and riding horses with my mom. I know what a real four-by-four is and on what type of road they really belong. I know how to do donuts in snowy parking lots. I can dig a ditch in the morning and listen to an orchestra that evening.

“I love that my legs are scratched from my summer hikes. I know what a catwalk is and what a snowcat sounds like. These are things that make Vail my home, and these are the things that make me. … Those are my mountains, my trees, my flowers, my snowflakes and my stars …”

Kerry wrote this almost 20 years ago. I believe it to be even truer of her today, for Vail and for her Western Slope and Arkansas Valley district. Please join me in voting for Kerry Donovan.

Rick Sackbauer


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