In the fight of good versus evil, wouldn’t you rather have a gun for defense? (letter) |

In the fight of good versus evil, wouldn’t you rather have a gun for defense? (letter)

Guns defend against evil

Now is the time to exercise my First Amendment right of free speech. In doing so, I will try to expound on the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.

It is with divine wisdom these two amendments are the top two of our great country’s Constitution. A gun never killed anyone; it was the bullet. The bullet can only move with the powder explosion, but it needs a strike from the hammer, which needs a pull on the trigger, and that only happens with a finger.

Moving the finger is an evil person with an evil plan. Evil exists and always will exist. However, our country’s creators knew, only too well, that the only way to counter evil is with good. So it is every good person’s right to keep and bear arms to defend against the evil. This is a right as important to us all, as any other rights given to us in this country.

Our education system teaches guns are the problem when we should be teaching the value of our right to keep and bear arms. As basic as this is, our education system should really promote gun ownership and training and have teachers prepared for the next time evil comes.

Thomas Jefferson said that our freedom must be defended with the blood of tyrants and patriots from time to time. This really means you and me, not the cops or military. We must stay prepared for this and be able to defend against evil tyrants, no matter how large or small, with a greater force of good. That is the intent and responsibility of us all to carry forward this great country’s freedom that was prepared by divine wisdom for us all.

There will always be the fight of good versus evil. Our choice is which side to be on, and for me, a gun is a great defense and a right I can live with.

Tom Henderson


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