Integrity and involvement is important in politics; make sure to vote (letter) |

Integrity and involvement is important in politics; make sure to vote (letter)

With only a day left to have one’s voice be heard, I hope everyone votes this midterm, as it’s important on so many levels.

Along those lines, I’d like to give support to Sarah Smith Hymes, whom I know to be an honest, thoughtful person of integrity who has the decency to research information so she has the facts on hand to share with others and make an informed decision.

One of the services provided to all by a town government is to provide information for candidates who are new to or already part of the process, in order to allow credible information to be a part of any campaign. Sarah’s recent request for information on fiscal issues was a matter of public record available to any candidate and worthy of staff follow-up.

Any candidate for office can or could request the same information if he or she wished. Hopefully all of the candidates who are new to or already a part of the process will follow the same due diligence. Sarah is devoted to determining the truth and is committed to the facts. She also has an historical perspective on town business, which can offer a context in which to make future decisions.

Another important character trait of Sarah’s is that she is willing to listen and work with others in making decisions that she believes are good for the town of Avon. She is able to discuss different ideas respectfully and with candor while appreciating different perspectives. As a result, she is often able to acknowledge the worth of varying opinions and compromise in an attempt to achieve the greater good.

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Thus, I hope the people in our community vote on a local, state and national level. Decency, integrity and political involvement count. The beauty of being in a democracy is that we get to have our voices heard and vote our political beliefs and principles.

In Eagle County, ballots can still be dropped off at the Eagle County Clerk & Recorder’s offices in Avon, Eagle or El Jebel until 7 p.m. on Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6. Registration and voting may also take place on that Tuesday if one has not registered or received a ballot. It’s important that we all be part of the process.

Linda Welch

Avon resident and retired Eagle County high school teacher

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