It could have been your child or grandchild; vote Tipton out of Congress (letter)

Vail Daily Letter to the Editor

Two young friends from the Front Range both have grandparents with homes in the Vail Valley — one in Beaver Creek and one in Cordillera. That gave these two boys and their families a place to stay every winter weekend when they came up to the Vail Valley to ski together in the Beavos ski program.

One of them is my grandson, who is now grieving the senseless death of his friend and praying for the recovery of his friend’s mother and younger brother. They were shot multiple times in a suburb outside of Denver this week in what is being called a “road rage” incident.

This is not normal. There is no other developed country in the world where children ever think of gun violence as an issue. It is a sad commentary when my two grandchildren that live in Jakarta, Indonesia, feel safer than my two grandchildren that live in the United States.

Scott Tipton refuses to support the most meager of common-sense gun legislation. He boasts of his “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and continues to accept their blood money.

Please don’t wait until it’s you that can no longer kiss your child or grandchild good night. You have a chance to send a clear message to Congress that their inaction on common-sense gun legislation will not be tolerated. This November — vote him out.

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Mary Davies


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