Keep an eye on Monarch Mountain as ski-pass wars heat up (letter) |

Keep an eye on Monarch Mountain as ski-pass wars heat up (letter)

Dear editor: When I saw the news story title “Smaller independent ski areas join forces in the shadow of Epic-v-Ikon season pass battle” (Aspen Times, March 15), I immediately thought of Bob Nicolls, principal owner of Monarch Mountain Ski Area and owner of Monarch Investment and Management Group.

I recalled the 2013-14 ski season, when I worked in Beverly Hills, California, and had telephone communications with Bob Nicolls in both Great Britain and America. During that time period, Monarch Mountain Ski Area had ski pass partnerships with 40 ski resorts, including a few in Europe. The truth can “wow” you — ain’t that right.

As I pitched him for a sale, we talked about how his collective ski marketing access package game play was a game changer ahead of Vail Resorts and the Aspen Skiing Co. He had me chuckling.

The article cut Monarch Mountain Ski Area ski pass affiliations down to 15. However, as any newspaper reader should have come to realize, the confidence and the smarts of Bob Nicolls and his ski executives are virile. Nicolls knows their game play is strong.

Put your money on Bob Nicolls to more than back up his bravado and show Vail Resorts and Alterra Mountain Co. which way is up in sales revenue, as the big boys on the block cannot solve the simple problem of breathing new life into our American ski industry by easily increasing the numbers of new skiers and snowboards by the millions.

By the way, I attended a Winter Park Resort Association board meeting at a downtown Denver law firm.

Best wishes,

Emzy Veazy III

Burbank, California

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