King: Giving thanks for my angels in the sky |

King: Giving thanks for my angels in the sky

Megan King
Special to the Daily
Jon Berman, Karen King, Megan King, and AeroAngel founder Mark Pestal. Berman donated his plane and time to fly Megan King from the Mayo Clinic in Arizona to Eagle.
Special to the Daily

Selfless, heroic, compassionate, generous. These are just a few of the adjectives I’d use to describe the angels in the sky, also known as the people that volunteer their time, finances, and airplanes for AeroAngel. is an incredible nonprofit organization that was founded by Mark Pestal, a retired Denver attorney and commercial pilot. Beyond co-piloting flights, Mark has volunteered thousands of hours to support the nationwide growth of AeroAngel. The organization’s mission is to provide free medical flights for critically ill children.

In November, I took my first medical flight ever. AeroAngel was our choice. The ease of it all saved me a lot of energy and a lot of unnecessary pain typically brought on by commercial flights and long days of car travel.

I can’t express how thankful I am for caring people like them. I am fused from my skull to my hips after spending nearly three weeks at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. I am dealing with an extended recovery time due to the type of surgery I had.

We didn’t know how we were going to get home from Scottsdale, Arizona, to Eagle, and they made it possible. In addition, this organization helped my parents. My mom was in less pain because she didn’t have to drive or haul our luggage. She is in a leg cast from a broken bone.

One of the benefits that this organization provides is that all costs involved in getting a patient from point A to point B are covered. Some people aren’t aware travel expenses aren’t covered by insurance. Pilot/owner Jon Berman, a retired ER doctor from Boulder, donated his plane and time. 

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In my thanks, I’d like to add Paul Gordon, the general manager of the Vail Valley Jet Center, and John Bishop of J. Bishop Transportation who both waived fees to help me.

If any of you are looking for an organization to donate to during this holiday season, please consider Aeroangel. To learn more, visit or call 303-548-3426.

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